Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The List

It’s been more difficult than I’d expected to read everyone’s exuberant posts about the Red Sox’s win. (Congrats, you guys. It is fun to see your team win!)

I love the Rockies, I genuinely do. A. and I travel to Denver to watch quite a few of their games every season. I’ve grown to know the players, their strengths and their weaknesses. I love Coors Field.

The truth is, the Rockies have played better than they did during the World Series. Their run in early September was awesome and really demonstrated how talented they are. But part of the challenge of the Series—besides the grueling journey to get there—is that athletes step up to the plate and play their best when it counts. My Rockies didn’t do that. *sniff* I still love the Rockies, regardless of their loss.

And I still have a crush on Troy Tulowitzki. In fact, my crush spawned the creation of “The List.” You know, the list of famous people you are “allowed” to sleep with if the opportunity should arise? Tulo is on my list, as well as John Corbett. Maybe Matt Damon. Natalie Portman is on A.’s list. He has a huge crush on her. Our lists aren’t final, and we haven’t discussed whether they must be considered final or are of a fluid nature. We are working on the logistics, being List Newbies and all.

Do you have a List? Who is on it? If you don’t have a List, who would you have Listed?


  1. You are part of the reason why I did not write a jubilant post about the Sox winning (though I had to say something, so I put it in the title of the post and then did not mention it again). I remember the heartbreak of losing to the Yankees in 2003, and it's not nice to have it rubbed in your face when your team loses. But the Rockies were GREAT this year and they'll be great again next year, so there's always that.

    Anyway, we don't have lists, and I don't really do celebrity crushes/sexual desires, but I do think that Alan Rickman is just delicious. He's the only one I can think of.

    Also, really? John Corbett? I thought he was so cute playing Aidan, and then I saw him in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and he was just DISGUSTING, and THEN he was BEYOND gross in Serendipity, and now I can barely watch Season 3 and 4 reruns of Sex and the City because I find him so icky.

    Sorry. Not to knock your taste or anything. To each her own, I know.

  2. Alan Rickman is yummy! He is just awesome! Corbett was a little less sexy in MBFW, but I don't think I've ever seen Serendipity. I'll steer clear of it!

  3. P.S. It was sweet that you didn't write a post devoted to saying the Rockies suck. I appreciate that!

  4. Finally! An upside to being single---I don't need a list! I can sleep with whomever I want.

    If I did have a list . . . Marc Blucas, Bradley Cooper, Nathan Fillion, Josh Charles, Matthew MacFayden, Scott Foley, . . . .

    P.S. I was rooting for the Rockies. I just love an underdog. Hence why I still haven't given up hope that the O's will make a comeback!

  5. My daughter felt very much the same way last year, when the Tigers lost so quickly and miserably. The Rockies were amazing in September. On my list was Johnny Depp, while my husband was allowed Catherine Zeta Jones.

  6. i've never been good at celebrity crushes. perhaps... jon bon jovi? (i can't help it! i'm a jersey girl! it's contractually required that i love him.) harrison ford, if i could go back in time to like 1980? man i suck at this.

  7. My list includes John Corbett too because he wonderful in Northern Exposure, also I love me some Mike Rowe. But that's not exactly a secret. I think even Brett has a man-crush on Mike Rowe.

  8. Lisa - GOOD LIST.

    Alice - you make me laugh! I think I will always have a crush on Jon Bon Jovi. That man just keeps getting better and better.

    Flibberty - OMG, Mike Rowe. I definitely have a crush on Mike Rowe. And A. adores him since he is all about honoring the working class. Oh, you know who else is cute? That crazy exterminator on Dirty Jobs, the one who wore all black and lives in Louisiana.

  9. The Rockies are ALSO awesome! If they were against a team other than the Red Sox, I would totally root for them! They seemed nice, and also cute!

    I would like to have a List myself, but I know I would not respond well to finding out who was on Paul's list. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW. Especially because they're all short brunettes (I'm not and not).

  10. My list includes Mike Rowe and Wentworth Miller from Prison Break. Also, the guy who plays Peter Patrelli on Heroes.

  11. Ummm, Natalie Portman is on my list and I'm straight. LOL.

  12. My list would have Johnny Depp and John Cusack; his would have Kristen Chenoweth and Kelly Ripa (he likes "little blonde packages", which I am not).


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