Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Five

I am swamped at work, swamped at home, and am only now starting to feel like I am getting over this damn cold. So. Much. Snot.

So, to help my mind organize some thoughts, I am going to try out a feature I am very creatively calling
"Friday Five." (I'd love to call it the Friday Fabulous Five, but that might get everyone's expections up a bit too high.)

This is inspired by Lisa's Thursday Thirteen feature. I am scaling my Friday version of this down to five, however, because my brain cannot come up with 13 relevant things to say in any one post. This may, or may not, become a reoccurring feature. You lucky readers will just have to wait and see!

So, here we go:

1. This is my 100th post! I kind of feel like, "So many posts, so little said." But in the course of these posts, I've stumbled upon some great bloggers and all of your writing styles and topics inspire me. I am looking forward to fine-tuning the style and content of this humble little blog over the next 100 posts. 100! More! Posts!

You don't know how to contain your excitement, do you?

2. A conversation between A. and I last night:

A.: Artemisia, I have quite a dilemma on my hands. Would you mind sitting down and talking with me about it?

Me: Absolutely! [In my mind: Awesome! This is what healthy relationships are about! He's asking my advice! Now I get to give something back for all the patience and generosity he has shown me over the past three years. Woo hoo!]

A.: So, I was at the store tonight and I was thinking to myself, Hmm. We are out of bread. I would really like some bread. But if I buy a loaf of bread and come home with it, Artemisia is going to think I don't like her homemade bread. And I do like her homemade bread. A lot. But she won't think I like it if I come home with store-bought bread.

[Pauses. Grins.]

Me: [Oh. Not quite the conversation I was expecting.]

A.: However, I can't very well come home and say "Woman! Make me some bread!" now can I? You'd kick my ass.

Me: Yes, yes I would. Without hesitation.

A.: Do you see the dilemma I am in?

Me: I know what to do!

A.: You do?

Me: Yes! I'll teach you how to make bread!

A: [Cackles loudly as this is so obviously absurd.]

Me: [I rub my chin as I scheme up exactly how I am going to accomplish this, as I don't think it is absurd at all but rather brilliant.]

3. Check out the Tomato Nation Fall Contest 2007. If you can spare even a couple of bucks, the schools, teachers and students will be grateful for your support! It is truly awe-inspiring to see how much money this group has raised since October 1. If you don't have funds to spare right now, please just spread the word. The contest ends on October 31. (Thanks to Bibliodiva for getting the word out!)

4. I am beginning to wonder if Buster is really in pain or is just a very anxious, nervous dog. The other night A. just pet him
(no scratching or vigorous pets, you know, just real mellow-like) when Buster wasn't expecting it and he flipped around and started yelping. Is it possible he is just really high strung? If so, what the hell do you do to make a tightly-wound dog feel better?

5. My current feelings about The Thesis:


  1. I kind of hate to say this, but Friday Five already exists on some other blogs. However, yours is just a random list of thirteen things and the Friday Fives I've seen are all structured around a given theme, so yours is still different.

    Also, my question about the bread is, if he wants bread right away, what will he do if he has to go home and bake it? Doesn't that take awhile?

  2. Good grief, tell the man it's all right to buy a loaf of bread and your feelings won't be hurt. As for teaching him how to bake bread...let me know how that works for you. 'cause A. sounds really excited about that prospect.

    Is Buster going deaf? Maybe he yelped b/c A. startled him. Try searching this site for some tips:

    I listen to it every Saturday morning on my local WNERD station, and McConnell gives sound advice in a very reassuring tone.

  3. I had gotten my husband to the point where he could let the bread rise, punch it down, fill the pans, let it rise and bake it. It was mixing the ingredients that he was rough with. Oh, and dogs? Our sheltie does the same thing. If you get up too fast when she is on the floor next to you, she will yelp and yipe, and run away. We call her the drama queen. I see DemocraticUnderground on your side bar. I don't know if you knew this, but I posted as MrsGrumpy over there.

  4. If you find out about the Nervous Dog, let me know. One of our dogs is so nervous, she pees if you so much as LOOK at her wrong.

  5. Jess - Yeah, I know there are established Friday Fives, but this is just my own little way to either find inspiration or organize my thoughts. I don't intend for it to be a meme, but if someone decides to list five completely random thoughts on Fridays, that's cool.

    I don't think A. wanted bread right away, but he knows I usually need to have little else going on during the nights I bake it.

    Bibliodiva - I did let him know that he can just buy bread already. ;-) Thanks for the link from your WNERD station (I love that - WNERD!!).

    would like to name you an honorary aunt of my doggies; you are so caring and thoughtful about my sweet pups!

    MrsGrumpy - that is awesome that your husband helped bake bread! Do your kids know how? Teaching them to bake bread might be a nice way to hand things down from their father when they are ready.

    A. likes to bake, but I can't see him kneading bread. That might be the breaking point in this little project.

    Tessie - I will let you know what my latest theory is about Buster. He is a nervous, neurotic dog. This, I know. Treating said craziness, I don't have the foggiest idea how to start. Maybe the radio show Bibliodiva suggested will offer up some insight.

  6. One of our dogs is incredibly anxious. I adopted him when he was 2, so I really have no idea what happened to him. Regardless, the only way we've found to calm him down, is to show him who is in charge, at all times, with the whole exercise, discipline, affection thing (which so does not come naturally to me). However, you might have a different kind of anxious than we do. All I know, is that the walks are the only thing that kept him from going crazy.


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