Monday, October 29, 2007

Is It Freezing Yet?

A. and I took off and spent some time in the Medicine Bow National Forest yesterday evening. It is about 15 miles from our house, so it doesn’t require much planning to fit a trip in. The dogs had been bouncing off the walls, and we both thought a good long walk in the mountains would be just the thing to wear them out. Also, they love running around up there SO. MUCH. There are so many smells to be sniffed!

It was a lovely evening. It was crisp but not cold. Buster and Belle were happy as clams. Well, Buster was until he heard the gunshots. The shots were from target practice, but Buster is such a baby; it freaked him out. He practically dragged me to the truck. Poor little chicken.

A. had an ulterior motive, I realized as I saw what trial we were on. We were wandering around a series of beaver ponds. Why would A. want to investigate beaver ponds, you ask? Why, because. They are the first thing to freeze over; they signal the beginning of ice fishing season.


P.S. THANK YOU for all of your enthusiastic and supportive comments regarding my journey through hell, er, The Thesis.


  1. Ice fishing! Good times. If there is a better place to keep your 6-pack than in an ice-fishing hole, I don't know of it.

  2. I never really got the appeal of ice fishing. My dad and uncles still look forward to their annual trip in northern Ontario. So, were they frozen?

  3. Tessie - amen, sista.

    LoriD - The edges of the ponds were starting to freeze. A week or so of lows in the 20s should do it!

    A. is so happy; ice fishing is by far his favorite past time. He makes an annual week-long trip to Fort Peck in Montana. He's already scheming and scheduling, trying to figure out how to make the most of the trip.

    I am not really an ice fishing fan. But I think that is because where we live there are steady, 50+ mph winds during the winter. (I am not exaggerating. Last year, A. lost his ice shanty to 70+ mph winds.)

    If it were nice and calm, I think I might enjoy it. I might even like winter, then.

  4. Hey, if he's successful, does that mean there will be more variety in your diet this winter?

  5. Jess - A. usually does a great job ice fishing, so we end up eating a lot of perch in the winter. Yummy!

  6. We've been missing the landscape there a lot lately. We were asking each other on Saturday if Monk remembers how it smells up there. Sigh!

  7. granted, i've never BEEN ice fishing... but... man, it seems like something i have NO INTEREST in doing. sitting around? in the freezing cold? on.. ice? i'd rather do my drinking by a fire ;-)


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