Monday, June 28, 2010


Later today, A. and I will travel about 160 miles to be with a friend when their father is taken off life support. This man has been an important figure in A.'s life as well, much like a beloved uncle. A. is so worried for his friend, and so sad.

My heart is heavy and my hands are restless. I feel useless and helpless. Tell me: what would you do to bring comfort to these friends? I think I will bake some nice breads and send them to them after we get back tomorrow. I started knitting a scarf for comfort for the friend when his mother passed away a few months ago.  (I know, horrible year for him.) I liked the idea of the warmth of comfort of friends wrapping around him. Seems silly to finish it and send it just now, with temperatures in the 90s.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Did someone do something or share something that brought you comfort in a time of sadness?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Antilocapra americana

I saw my first baby antelope this morning!!! It was super tiny, and was all wobbly in the brilliant morning sunshine. So, that means it is BRAND NEW. Baby! Antelope!


The proper name for the critters we call antelope is pronghorn, but there isn't a soul in the Rocky Mountain West that calls them that. They are antelope as far as we are concerned.


I have never heard antelope referred to as Speedgoats, but there you go. I learned something new today!


A colleague of mine from Denver, Colorado saw an antelope a couple of days ago and called it a gazelle. I was incredulous. (Which was a rather smug and snotty reaction, I know.) Gazelle? I find it difficult that she, in her early 50s, born and raised in Denver, had never seen or heard of an antelope, and had no idea that gazelles do not exist on this continent.


Buster's blood work came back and it looked "fantastic!" according to the vet. I have not yet chased Buster around the yard with a soup ladle (that will be permanently retired after its final service). The truck is not really working (super!) so A. and I are a one-vehicle family which complicates the running-to-the-vet-with-fresh-pee errand. I am hoping (dreading?) to get this done tomorrow morning.


I downloaded the songs of the Western Meadowlark, Red Winged Blackbird, and yes, the gobble of a Wild Turkey to my phone. I managed to transfer the turkey call to A.'s phone, but cannot get it set as his ring tone. I sooooo wanted to surprise him with it. Now I am stuck with it on my phone! I thought it might be endearing to set it as his ring tone for when he calls me but we call each other too often. I would go batshit crazy after one day.

I have the Meadowlark set as my wake-up alarm. I smile every time I hear it. It is a wonderful way to start the day.


Happy Wednesday to you!

Monday, June 14, 2010


This morning I took Buster to the vet to see about treating his anxiety, thunder-phobia and to check that his habit of freaking out and peeing in the house isn't a medical issue.


Poor fella had to have a prostrate exam. He is one squirmy little rascal. He was so anxious and wound up after that his hair was basically coming off in poofs. I felt so bad for him. He would barely come up to the vet even when she offered him a treat.

The vet and vet tech couldn't get him to cooperate to collect a urine sample, so I walked up and down the street with him on a leash in one hand and a soup ladel in the the other. Now this is love: I didn't even feel the slightest bit ridiculous when folks drove by. I, too, was unsuccessful, however. Every time he stopped to pee it was just air. Ridiculous.

So, tomorrow morning I am going to try to follow him around the yard with a cup. I shall do this before my shower.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Five

1. This morning, as I drank a cup of coffee before getting in the shower, I managed to see South Africa score the first goal of the World Cup. That seems so, so right.

2. I don't know the first thing about soccer.Okay, maybe I do, as the first thing probably has something to do with kicking the ball, yes? That, right there, is the sum of my knowledge on the sport.

3. A colleague from Germany tried to explain the World Cup and how it works to me, but I am utterly overwhelmed. It seems they are always playing toward the World Cup. And the current play isn't tournament play, or something? Wha?

If you know anything of the World Cup and soccer, please send me some dumbed-down cliff notes.

4. What the hell is that weird, non-stop buzzing noise? NO. REALLY. What the hell is it? Can you hear it in the stands?

5. I spent a lot of time over that cup of coffee sending prayers up for the Mandela family, and thinking how I should live my life with more purpose as a way of thanks to Nelson Mandela.

Have a happy, deliberate Friday, my friends.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Capitalist Consumerist Streak

I have been wanting things lately. This is truly strange behaviour for me. I am having a Capitalist Consumerist Streak.

Some examples:
  • Cute clothes. I know! Me! Wanting cute clothes. Thing is, I have bought myself some cute clothes lately, and damn, that is so much more fun than wearing un-cute clothes. Whoda thunk?
  • Retro Vintage Steelcase Credenza to go with my kick ass desk
  • A sewing machine, obviously
  • Shell "cream color base" (whatever the hell that is, to highlight cheekbones) from MAC
  • Eyeshadow from MAC
  • Shoes. Unfortunately, I HATE shopping for shoes. I have normalish toes, but FUCKING NARROW heels. I walk right out of flats and heels. Even if they have straps, my feet try to slip out and then I end up with either enormous blisters or filleted feet. (I wish I was exaggerating, but truly, I am not.) The only shoes I can wear are Dansko clogs. Ok some of the time, un-cute the rest of the time, don't destroy me feet all of the time.  Any advise? Suggestions?
  • Boots. Again, a pain to shop for. I don't get as many blisters, so these are my only heel options. But. I have HUGE calves, always have. So I have to fine wide-calf boots. Not easy. Again, suggestions?
  • Petticoat short thingies. Screw slips.
  • Sam Elliott to read a bit of Lonesome Dove to me at night as I fall asleep. I am totally serious.
  • Colorado Rockies fitted baseball cap.
  • Joe Mauer t-shirt
  • A budget that would allow even one of these purchases. (sigh)

What the hell, right? Maybe my mind is just in hyperdrive with all the possibilities before me once I finish The Thesis.

So, yeah. Any of you having a Capitalist Consumerist Streak? What are you pining after?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Plans Forgotten, Broken, Modified and Made

We had company all weekend, and I managed to completely forget about this until Thursday evening. Needless to say, I didn't get as much Thesising done as I'd planned and hoped. But I continue to move forward, and will write a bit more tonight (Tuesday) before curling up in bed next to A., reading a novel that has absolutely nothing to do with The Thesis.


Also over the weekend, A. and I went to our first Rockies game of the year, and I got to meet Melospiza! She is a delightful, funny, smart little pixie! I felt comfortable with her immediately. I met her son, daughter and cutie pie hubby. All of them wonderful and kind.


Over the weekend the trees have finally grown leaves! We have green trees! They are not full yet, but it sure beats the scraggly, dead-looking leafless limbs. It has done wonders for my mood to see so much more green. Oh, my goodness. You have no idea.


A couple of weeks ago I happened upon a kick-ass old Steelcase Tanker Desk. Other than a huge wood desk, this is the desk I have always wanted. And it was free! FTW!) And a total bitch to move! But, oh I love it. I loooooooooooooooove it and its weird champagne colored paint. Love! I am so much more comfortable at this desk than our old one. I want to keep it forever. It is in great shape. I am going to convert our old one into a sewing and crafting desk. Oh, I cannot freakin' wait to get The Thesis finished so I can start other projects!

Hoo boy, I wish this were my home office... My desk looks like this but is champagne, not grey.


Some potential projects I lay awake daydreaming about:

  • Making new summer and winter curtains for every room in the house
  • re-upholstering the seat and back cushions of the couch with a nice, abstract pattern that involves red.
  • Sewing new throw pillows suitable for the new look of the couch
  • Sewing a pet sofa throw like this one, only in a fabric and pattern I like, to protect the new cushions from Infinite Dog Hair. Genius.
  • Make loads of homemade Christmas/holiday ornaments to prepare for the upcoming gift-giving season
  • Start painting with my watercolors again. (Oh, so much baggage here.)
  • Fun throw pillows for our bed
  • Duvet cover for our bed
  • shower curtain for our bathroom
  • Crochet a cute rimmed winter had that also has those ear flaps that tie under your chin. Cute, and warm! (Apparently, I think I am going to do this freehand. Hilarious!)


Have I mentioned I don't really know how to sew and I do not own a sewing machine? I could sew a mean pillow in 7th grade home economics, but have not sewn since. Unless you count a missing button or two.

Any advice on learning to sew and machines would be greatly appreciated. As you can see, I have oodles of plans for when I get to reclaim my life!

Happy day to you!