Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday Five

1. Logistics of all sorts defeat me regularly, not the least involving how to get to work on time. Lately, though, I’ve been specifically stymied by the logistics of a mid-day workout during the work week.

Those of you who regularly work out on your lunch hours, how do you manage it? Do you take an hour and a half for lunch? Do you shower? Shampoo? Shower but don’t shampoo? Wear your hair in a ponytail the rest of the day? For those of you who don’t workout over the lunch hour but do exercise regularly, what are some tricks that have helped you establish (and keep) this routine?

2. Generic Pop Tarts? Gross. The innards, well, they snap back into place when you break the tart into two pieces. So. Gross.

3. A. and I are going to be making homemade pizza tonight or tomorrow. Do any of you have an recipes or tips for making your own crust?

4. I’ve realized that I much prefer a nice warm lunch to a cold sandwich.

5. For whatever reason, today I am missing England. Below is a picture from one of the great public spaces in Birmingham. This was a highly pedestrian area and the space enjoyed immense use. I loved it, especially during this public photography exhibit. I miss it dearly. (I don’t miss the food, though.)

Happy Friday to you!


  1. Torsten is making homemade pizza for us tonight, and I hate to say it but for the dough he just uses the Betty Crocker mix that is sold in the baking aisle for like $1.19. All you do is add water. It's hard work to flatten it without a rolling pin, but it tastes good and works well.

  2. I used to work out during lunch and showered but didn't get the hair wet. I put it in a low ponytsil or just brushed it out after the workout. Definitely not getting the hair wet midday!

  3. I don't care for sandwiches either. And I have never been a big soup as a meal fan.

  4. Unless you're going for the experience of dealing with yeast and kneading and letting the crust rise, you could buy pizza crust dough at your local grocery store. It should be in the refrigerated section.

    My hair challenges are significantly different from yours...but you could try a product like one of these... for dealing with the mid-day less than clean hair. Or just toss on a shower cap before you shower, and put your hair in a pony tail, clip , headband, or lovely bun.

    (yeah, yeah...I get the humor of the librarian telling you to wear your hair in a bun.)

  5. We use the pizza crust dough recipe that came with our bread machine. But before we had the bread machine, we got the kind that comes in a can in the refrigerated section, and you POP the can open and therein is the crust.

  6. lunch workouts - used to shower but not shampoo or wet my hair. It kind of worked.

    pop tarts - hello, sale at king soopers (aka city market)! I have 2 unopened boxes sitting on my kitchen counter, inviting me to chomp them! Generic pop tarts sound like pure evil.

  7. I prefer to use the frozen bread dough because making dough is HARD really really HARD. However, I am curious how you did it? And . . . what toppings did you partake in?

    Also, I hate cold lunches too. I find them depressing. That's why I'm a lentil soup girl.

  8. Well, thanks to the suckiness of Google Reader I missed this on Friday. WAH.

    I'm with the others, I shower but don't wet my hair. Then I usually end up wearing it in a ponytail for the rest of the day, or I blowdry it again underneath if I got really sweaty. Since I mostly run I don't need more than an hour including changing time.

    I like a hot lunch too. For sure.

  9. Pizza dough - I usually make pizza on giant (12") whole-wheat pitas. Really good, especially if you like thin crust.

    Working out - the only lunch hour workout I can manage is running. Usually a 35-40 minute run and I'm back in the office within an hour. I don't shower, just wipe down with a towel and re-apply anti-perspirant. My hair is nothing special anyway, so I just kind of fluff it with my fingers and carry on.

  10. Ewww, generic pop-tarts snapping back.

    I have the same question about working out during lunch! I've tried it a couple times, but I find that under my hair gets too sweaty not to shampoo and the shower/shampoo takes too long.

  11. (hi! late to the party!)

    i used to work out at lunchtime when i had a) a gym 10 mins away from work, and b) a "liberal" lunch policy, in that my boss and all coworkers were in based in california, while i was in virginia. i would typically run, since i can't actually run very far, and 1 mile for me is QUITE A WORKOUT THANKYOU. then i'd take a quick shower and have wet ugly hair the rest of the day. so! how's that for helpful?


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