Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Five

1. I just got my flu shot for the season. I hate needles, but I remembered to breathe and everything this time. No stars! No passing out! Just one sore left arm. And hopefully no flu.

Get your flu shots!

2. I think I am going to rename this Friday feature to: Friday Five, An Occasional Series. I didn’t post last Friday, and it was only the second Friday of the feature, for Pete's sake. I just can't be confined to a regimen like that, dude.

Also, I’ve been inspired by Swistle’s continued posting about environmental stuff. I’m thinking of creating a series were I chat a bit about the individual elements of foodscapes that get my heart racing. I need a title for it, though. But it will also be “an occasional series.” I am not about to pin myself down to a schedule. Pshaw.

3. A wasp just flew in from my office window and landed on my arm. It has snowed twice already; it is COLD already! Why the hell is there still a live wasp buzzing around, spreading terror? It certainly isn’t spreading happy little pollens around this time of year. Bastard.

4. A. and I stayed up really late last night. We were talking about my mother and his father, both of whom passed away over 10 years ago. It was one of the most intimate experiences I’ve had in my life. I said things out loud that I never admitted to anyone before. We’ve talked before about our parents, but for some reason we crossed into very intimate territory last night.

I wish I could take all of A.’s loss and pain away and just let him breathe, even if just for a bit.

5. A. will be at a conference in Park City, UT from Sunday until Thursday night. Wahoo! Time to myself!!!! So, instead of getting some crappy work done at the office, I am daydreaming about how I want to spend Sunday and what meals to plan for the week. Avocados will definitely be involved, since A. won’t be around to wrinkle his nose up at them. As well as whole-grain deliciousness.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Number four is beautiful. It is amazing to have those moments. And your wish for him is so... true.

  2. I'm so sorry about your parents. It must be crushing to lose a parent so young.

    How about a nice guacamole? Yes, that sounds excellent for alone time.

  3. Last night was good. A. and I are in very, very different places when it comes to dealing with these deaths. In fact, it was these different places that lead us to talk to each other for the first time ever. Not a very light-hearted way to start a relationship!

    Guacamole sounds PERFECT. As does homemede granola for breakfast. YUMMY.

  4. It is always a good thing in a relationship when you can talk about the deep things. I attempted, throughout our marriage, to make up for all the things Leonard lost during his childhood, soothe the hurt, and make sense of his father's death. I think it is the most important aspect in a relationship-the ability to let it all come out. Good on you, getting your flu shot. I haven't gotten mine yet, but I have gotten 10 phone calls about it.


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