Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Um, yeah

That last post?

Didn't work. So I deleted it.

And then I baked some cookies. Also, in the bottom of the fucking fifth inning, I realized I was wearing the wrong pajama bottoms. Imagine my horror!

The Rockies are just letting Boston build up some false confidence.... And, my man Tulo definitely showed up for the game. Let's hear it for whom should rightly be the Rookie of the Year!!! (Who also happens to be cute as a button!)

If the Red Sox were playing any other team, I'd be cheering for them. I have a special place in my heart for New England, and Red Sox Nation is awe-inspiring (just because, and from a folklore standpoint!). Good job on game one, but you need three more...


  1. I have to say that while I wholeheartedly revel in the fact that the Sox won Game 1, I am not very good at being a competitive fan, because I kind of found myself wishing that they could both win, just for you. It's like grade school over here, or something.

  2. Ugh. That game was painful. Although I thought the Rockies got the shaft on 1) that stupid called balk, and 2) the strike zone.

  3. Yeah, well, I didn't even WATCH so it wasn't my fault. I figure I'll get the highlights on one of the 20 viewings of SportsCenter so I'm good.

  4. If it helps, my Tiger loving daughter wants the Rockies to win.

  5. Jess - I feel the same way. When they showed Arizona players at the end of the NLCS, I got really teary-eyed. A tear MAY HAVE rolled down my cheek. I am not too bloodthirsty, either!

    P&D - EXACTLY. The exact same picth by the freakin' REVERED Beckett would be a damn strike. Grrrr... And that balk? Come on. I almost think the umpire knew that if you mess with Morales' routine at all you rattle him so bad he can't pitch for shit for the rest of the game.

    But, the Sox are hitters, there is no doubt about that. I mean, there is no slowing down in their entire line up (except Coco, right now). They did a great job finding the holes and getting around the defense.

    I was happy to see Tulo and Helton show up at the plate last night, too. Their post-season performance had been lacking.

    I have such a crush on Tulo!

    Tessie - It was long, and very, very painful. Thankfully, the Sox didn't act too cocky; even Ramirez. (What a weird guy. Good hitter, though.)

    I actually watched Sports Center by my own initiative for the very first time last night! A. was so proud when I told him on the phone that I was watching ESPN. I am not a huge ESPN fan, but A. always has it on at the crack of freakin' dawn.

    MrsGrumpy - please tell your daughter thanks! That is awesome! (we cheered for the Tigers when they were in the WS, too!)


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