Thursday, October 18, 2007

This Is Such a Girlie Post, I Have Surprised Myself

It dawned on me yesterday while in the locker room, changing my clothes to go running for the Second Day of Artemisia’s Modified Week One of “Running,” that I am in desperate need of some new bras.

It is embarrassing, the state of my bras. EMBARRASSING. PITIFUL. MORTIFYING, EVEN. And yes, the state of my under things is so poor that the copious caps lock usage is totally validated and appropriate.

The thing is, bras in my size (i.e. itty-bitty) apparently require runt elves to make them, as normal human hands are entirely too large for such tiny, intricate and obviously magic stitching and constructing. And elves? They charge A LOT.

For those of you who have boobs that are discernable from the rest of your chest, are you regularly asked to spend upwards of $75 or so for a bra that looks like it is for a grown woman, and not a 12 year-old in training for future lingerie wearing? I might be little, but I like pretty things, too! Seriously, how much do you spend on a bra? Do you were pretty bras every day? Sexy ones? Plain ones? (If you, too, are blessed with Little! But! Perky! Girls!, and have any hot tips on where to find cute bras, let me know!)

On a related note, I’ve never been a matching bra and undies kind of girl. That is a lot of thinking and planning first thing in the morning. But now that I am regularly changing clothes in front of people in the gym locker room (ha!), I might reconsider. Are you a matching kind of gal?

I am also not the kind of girl that can say the word “panties” without gagging or giggling, depending on my mood.

Note to my Two (?) Infrequent (?) Male Readers: This is a rather girly post, I know. I am surprised, too. However, feel free to de-lurk and leave a comment if you have thoughts on the matter! To match or not to match? Panties or underwear? Keep it clean, please.


  1. Well, it is well documented that I have no boobs, and I buy my A cups at Target. I never have matching bras and undies (NOT PANTIES SHUDDER), either. Mostly because they don't sell bras in packages of 3 at Target.

  2. I am a Barely B, and I get most of my bras at Target and Victoria's Secret. I paid $40 for a bra at VS once, but really it was $30 because I had a $10 off coupon. And even that price made me shudder. Also NEVER "PANTIES" NO NO BAD. Underwear. That's what I call it.

  3. Tessie - ROCK ON. A-cup sisters of the world, unite! Although, I am a AA. *sniff*

  4. Jess, I can't believe we pay so much money for contraptions that are uncomfortable. Why?

    The nearest target is 50 miles away. Boooo. But, I usually get across the summit to make a trip to Target about once a month or so.

  5. I am barely a B myself, (to the point that I hate wearing belts because the buckle sticks out farther than my boobs), and I have the best luck at VS.

    But I hate paying more than $30 for a bra, so I only buy one when my current one is long past its "acceptable to society" state.

    Usually I go to Target, and they have some cute matching bra and underwear sets that really work well. The underwear is typically $3.99-$5.99 and the bra is usually $7.99-$9.99.

    And the good news? The bras fit so well they don't give that unfortunate "gap" between the cup and boob.

    Maybe you can stock up during your next monthly trek. :)

  6. I wear underwear because I can't call them the other word either. Some of my bras are over 5 years old. When the wire comes out on one side, I confess, I still wear them. I buy them on sale, really big sales.

  7. I have HUGE bazooms and a good bra would certainly cost upwards of $75, but I generally stalk the underthings section at T.J. Maxx and come out with a $75 bra for $14.99. Also, J.C. Penney has a decent lingerie section.

  8. I'm pretty much a weird sized D now, for some reason, and it is also impossible to find bras. I sometimes catch VS clearance sales (they have one of those in the mall near the Target closest to where you are) and have also gotten not bad bras at Penney's. As it is right now, (and as humiliating as it is to admit it), I only have three (3) bras that are anywhere close to fitting me properly. One of those is close enough to the edge of not fitting that I find myself wanting to claw it off on the days I wear it. Two of these are white, one is blue. In my weird size, it is hard to find pretty bras (at least, on sale). I also have two sports bras that are too small and really old.

    I also can't say "panties" because: gross.

    I'm no help! I can't imagine people caring if you match or not. Or even paying attention to what your bras look like. If they're like me, they're too busy trying to hide their own pitiful bra collections.

  9. I'm small too and I wear a sports bra 99.9% of the time. I only own three bras: one zips up the front and says Speedo on it, and the other two are from Wa1mart. I would never pay more than $15 for a bra. N.e.v.e.r.

  10. Hmmm.... I thought that teen and pre-teen clothes (and presumably underclothes) were getting so inappropriately sexy these days that you'd be able to find a cute bra in the teen section at Kohl's.

    NOT that I would know, since I haven't worn anything but nursing bras for over seven years. (Not sexy much, although, I dunno, there's that whole easy-tear-away thing)

    I hate wearing bras anyway and only wear them to look respectable, which is only when I'm working or going to some kind of event. The rest of the time, I just try to do layers in order to not be too, um, nipple-ish?

    So your dilemma at the gym strikes me as rather amusing. If you're young and cute, who cares what bra you wear or don't wear!? Anyway, at the gym it's all coming off and on again right?

    I am No Help, huh? Sorry!

  11. Get yourself properly fitted (a few years ago I found that I've been wearing the wrong size bra for years!) and accept that you're gonna' have to pay at least $25 for a good bra. Once you do those two things, your life will change. In a good way.

    Try a department store bra fitting event or the next time you're near a lingerie store, go in. You need a store that carries a variety of brands and styles. And keep your eyes open for some of those buy 2 get 1 free mail in rebates.

    Oh, and a friend of mine calls them "underpants." I still giggle when she says that.

  12. I call them drawers. It helps keep one from sounding ridiculous.


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