Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We Are the Jones and We Bake Cookies

First, A. asked me to share with all of you the following (yes, he wanted you, my Five, er, maybe Eight? Faithful Readers to read this):

The other night, I was making "Mrs. Fields' Cookies," a recipe from A. (Super yummy but VERY labor intensive cookies. I'll send the recipe over to Maybe Painted Pink soon.)

I had the audacity to question whether or not the delightful little morsels of heaven really needed to be in the oven for only the stated six minutes. So, I kept an experimental sheet of cookies in the oven for seven and a half minutes. They were still a bit gooey in the middle, but looked like they had actually been in the oven, unlike the super-duper goopy six-minute batches. I thought they turned out just fine. They were still yummy cookies.

As it turns out, in order for these cookies to remain soft and lovely and heavenly the next day, they must only remain in the oven for six minutes. (A. refuses to believe that putting the heel of a loaf of bread in the cookie jar keeps cookies moist and chewy. Try it. It works, I swear!)

Now, the important part: A. was right, I was wrong.

EDITED TO ADD: A. is the (self-proclaimed) Baker of this Household.


Now on to what I want to share:

I have more than just joy and jubilation to thank the Colorado Rockies for! See. Since those kick-ass baseball players have gotten themselves to the World Series, the World Series that will be broadcast on Fox, Fox that is a network channel that is not a part of our Dish package, that our measly little antenna cannot pick up too well, A. upgraded our package (for the bargain price of an additional $5 a month) to include network TV. So we can watch the Rockies in the World Series.

Woo hoo! NBC! ABC! FOX! CBS! CW or something! I can finally read your posts about show reviews and know what the hell you are talking about. Yippee!

But I am still a NERD. What excites me most about all of this? That now, because our local PBS channel does come in clear as a bell with the antenna, we have two PBS channels as the Dish package includes the Denver PBS channel.


We might even get a DVR before we enter the second decade of the 21st millennium. We are sooooo the Jones you all want to keep up with, aren't we?


  1. This is why I do not excel at the art of cookie-baking. I am always like "There is no way in hell that cookie is done. It is practically RAW". And is.

    Hearty congrats on the tv. Next pressure tactic...DVR!

  2. This is why you would think I would be GOOD at baking cookies. I like them better gooey and raw anyway. And yet, I suck at baking.

  3. Yeah, although A. is the self-proclaimed Baker of Our Household, I have no room to argue with him. My cookies usually look like cow pies (uuuugly!)and my cakes never turn out right; they stick to the sides of the cake pan, burnt and gross but the middle will still be gooey.

    I blame it on baking at 7,200 feet.

    Boo, high HIGH elevation!

  4. Thanks for de-lurking yourself on my blog today! I always like seeing comments from new people!

  5. OH MY GOSH. Okay, now start watching 30 Rock! And My Name is Earl!


    Rent the first season of 30 Rock and the first two of My Name is Earl, and THEN start watching them! You have to! Have! To! You will not be sorry!

  6. PS. Those are the two shows we regularly VIDEO TAPE on our VCR because we are normally too busy to watch them. They are that good, that we bust out a VHS to watch them.

  7. You've got homemade cookies and cable? I'll be right over!

  8. Oh the DVR is the most wonderful addition to television since the remote control! You can now tape the Daily Show and Colbert, because if you're like me, you can't stay up long enough to actually watch them. It's a glorious thing.

  9. You have SO MUCH catching up to do! Good thing you have lots of cookies - things could be rocky at first. Go Rockies!

  10. We are cheering so hard for the Rockies!

  11. So now that you have the CW: Gossip Girl, Wednesdays 9pm


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