Friday, March 23, 2007

Violence against women as fashion

Photos from a competition on the show, America’s Next Top Model, at, where the models' challenge was to look beautiful while dead. Not just dead, but murdered.

I don’t even know where to start. Seriously. Violence against women as fashion. As beauty. As the ultimate pinnacle for a successful model to ascend—or descend—to. (As they are already abused by the industry)? Hmmm – as the ultimate pinnacle for any woman to ascend/descend to?

The comments from the judges are posted to the right of the photos. Holy shit. I am still trying to gather my thoughts to form any kind of coherent reaction. Right now I am just pissed. And disgusted.

Jennifer Pozner has posted an excellent commentary regarding these photos and the television show at WIMN's Voices. I agree with much of what she has to say, and she has managed to say it with more grace, insight and eloquence than I can muster right now.

Certainly, critical and thoughtful examinations of the positions and mutilations the women’s bodies themselves are interesting and important. But I am also very interested in the spaces in which these women have been situated (not to mention the situation/space of: in the photos-as a model-in a judged contest-in a nationally broadcast television show. Wow.) What does this say?

I am going to ponder this for a bit and will post more on this later (I think). Feel free to share any thoughts you might have on the matter, too.

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  1. Per kimykochavez who had some trouble posting a comment:

    I think about this type of thing on a daily basis. I was unaware of the information you posted, but I am not in the least bit surprised. Not in the LEAST. In a culture that worships women's breasts because people are not allowed to have full access (or any access) or long enough access to this fundamental developmental building block (upon which ALL ELSE is built - first bonding), I am not shocked. Disgusted and horrified (as usual), yes, but shocked, no. Women are more subjugated and less free today then they have been for quite a while. It is just more cleverly (at least to the sheepish masses) disguised today. I consider myself a die-hard feminist, but it's not what you think. I am of a different brand. I believe that I am meant to be with my child, because I and ONLY I know what he needs and I and ONLY I have what he needs to develop. It is NOT freedom or liberation to place your tiny child or baby in an institutionalized, standardized, State or Religious or Privately funded cookie-cutter, punishments and rewards (blatant, thoughtless consumerism training, in other words) day care or school while you go out and "have your career." Look at our country, people. Look at the kids. I was a public school teacher (well, public two years, private one year, charter one year) and I've seen them. We give our lives away, our children away, to so-called "authorities" from the moment they are conceived. People poke and prod pregnant women, frighten them with tales of woe, fear them into ridiculous and unnecessary hospital births where they and their babies are abused, their babies are taken away, poked, prodded- beginning life in confusion, shock, and pain instead of with love. "This is how it is. We don't know how to take care of ourselves. Always shift responsibilty to a 'professional.' YOU DON'T KNOW. YOU DON'T GET TO KNOW. YOU ARE POWERLESS. 'THEY' ALWAYS KNOW BETTER THEN YOU." Come on... wake up!!! They want us dumb and helpless! Look into it. Open your eyes. Read some Joseph Chilton Pearce. This is why the world is crumbling. Yikes. If I get started I won't be able to stop. So, I'd better leave it at that. And thank God Y. was born at home with J. and I alone.


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