Monday, March 19, 2007

Inner or Outer, Public or Private?

I ran across this article the other day and I think it is so interesting! Actually, I think it makes quite a bit of sense that an artist would look at a picture in a much different way than a psychologist -- at least in terms of how to visually understand the image as key elements relate to each other. But maybe it means more than how these two professions (for lack of a better word) visually see things - maybe it demonstrates how they see --ontologically--humans and their world. I wonder if it is fair to draw conclusions as to how both professions place people in the world around them based on these patterns. Do these viewing patterns suggest that one profession values the private much more than the public? Do these viewing patterns belie different values placed on humans' relationships to their inner selves and the world "outside"? Hmm... See if you can tell which viewing patterns belong to the artist.

What do you think? I'd love to explore this further through comments...

Speaking of artists, I’ve been itching to paint lately. I am sure it is a combination of wanting to do anything but work on my thesis and a genuine desire to dive back into it. I really miss losing myself in a painting…

It is absolutely gorgeous outside today – it has been really hard to stay seated at my desk. I am preparing for a three-day meeting and need to focus, darn it! A. has the day off and has been on campus doing research for his ENR class. We met for lunch and just a bit ago took a nice little walk around campus. It is just too pleasant outside to stay chained to our computers.

I didn’t get much writing done this weekend but did manage to do more field observation at the greenbelt with the help of A. and the doggies! The whole family participated! A. took the dogs leashes so I could meander around with the camera. Maybe I’ll include one of the pictures featuring the dogs and A. in my thesis – wouldn’t that be sweet! (I need something in the damn thing to make me happy with it…) It was a very busy day at the GB as it was pleasant out and the wind didn’t start to pick up until around noon. Nearly everyone said hi, and this time every dog we saw was on a leash.

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