Saturday, March 3, 2007

A tad less intrusive to your inbox...

I thought that I'd quit forcing myself and my thesis-induced psychosis on many of you in such a pushy fashion. So, rather than take up room in your inbox with e-mails that are all about me, me, and me, I thought I'd create a blog to write about me, me, and me. This way, you can visit the blog when you want to hear about me, me, and me!!

At the very least, I'll pretend you all are visiting the site daily and my life here in the sagebrush won't feel so far away from you all. And I can use this "space" as a place to freak out, ramble, chatter about whatever is on my mind, and maybe even serendipitously stumble upon a good idea or two.



  1. Welcome to the 21st century! And thanks for inviting me. Looking forward to hearing about the sagebrush and the thesis.

  2. How do I know when you've written a blog? You should join that thingy I sent you, too, and post them there, so I will always see them. Then you can read mine, too. You should especially check out "are you dying to be beautiful." Yeeeaaaahhhh. love ya, tress. I see sagebrush out my window............ and snow.

  3. What a great idea! Dan and I will check in from babyville!

    One way for folks to know when you publish an entry is a site called Bloglines. It aggregates all the new entrues for sites you regularly visit and can notify you via email or a window on your screen when there are new entries.

  4. Hey Tress,

    I was up doing a little work and saw your email on my hotmail account. I hardly ever check that thing.........

    Well time for bed. I have to get up early and do the work of the people.....or something like that!!

  5. Oh, I forgot to say that this is a great idea and I'll be in touch!!


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