Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring, please don't be so shy

Yesterday I was complaining of suffering from my allergies so early in the year. New little blades of Kentucky Bluegrass (the plant my sinuses most dread) were growing green and bright, shooting up among the dull, dead grass all over town. Spring was starting to appear!

Well, it's been snowing for nearly five hours now, and well over four inches of snow has accumulated out here at the house. Why did I miss Wyoming all those years in DC?

It is supposed to continue snowing throughout the night. Big, fluffy (yet very heavy) flakes are falling at a 45 degree angle. This is a treat; usually the snow comes down horizontally due to the wind. It is a heavy snow - I can barely make out my neighbor's house as I sit at my computer. I am sure this storm will kill those hopeful little blades of grass that shined so brightly yesterday. The snow-covered landscape is quite lovely looking, though.

But it is cold, too. (Obviously.) I guess it is a good day to stay inside. Now I am glad I pulled together a big pot of soup to simmer for the afternoon. I should make a cup of tea. The tip of my nose is cold, for Pete's sake.

I am too lazy and too chilled to take the dogs for a walk so they are laying around the house looking very bored and thoroughly unimpressed with me. Dealing with their wet, cold, and probably muddy paws that will inevitably accompany a walk in this weather just does not inspire me to get off my butt right now. Not to mention I have to track down the fleece liner to my coat and put it back in. And where the hell are my hat and gloves? Ugh. I need to keep plugging away on my thesis anyway.

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  1. Keep that snow there! We hit the 80s today in Madison. Crazy. We went straight from winter to summer. Although we're supposed to go back down to the 50s and 60s for the rest of the week. But I won't complain about that as long as you keep your snow to yourself.


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