Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Fox's Den

Tonight, on our way home from work, we saw some ducks flying overhead and a fox seeking out where to make her new den. It seems A. and I aren't the only ones happy for the spring-like weather. It's too bad we will probably see three or four more good snow storms and cold snaps before spring is truly upon us.

I wish the fox would make her den nearer to our house than she does. I think she keeps the half a mile west of us that she does because there are fewer dogs running loose there. Many of our neighbors in that direction keep chickens and ducks and I am sure it tempts the fox to make her den near there. Unfortunately, many of those people would shoot her if they see her getting into their animals. She has been around for a few years now; I hope she manages to be here for a few more.

It is evenings like these that I am really glad we live north of town. That smell particular to Wyoming air was present tonight. It is my favorite smell.

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  1. I know that smell... up in the canyon when it rains, especially. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.
    Ya. Damn Wyoming making you think it's going to be nice and then screwing you over. If only summer wasn't so short... or at least spring and fall!!!!! (my personal favorites...).
    I do miss spring in Portland. But it's magical here, too.
    Yuri and I have been walking up to the cemetary each day so he can romp freely - it is so lovely up there... Yes, Tress, I've left love to your loved one...
    A lot more "graduated in 94"s there these days... creeeeeeeeepy.


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