Sunday, March 11, 2007

First Sighting: Mountain Bluebirds

I haven’t gotten enough writing done today. I have been getting some stuff done around the house, though, so I still feel a sense of accomplishment. Oh, cheers to the sanative properties of a clean bathroom and organized, full pantry!

A. and I took the dogs for a nice long walk this afternoon as there has been very little wind, no snow (yeah!) and 50+ degree temperatures for most of the day. (Er, I am not used to the time change; it was really early evening an not at all the afternoon!) The poor pups needed a good walk. They have been antsy the past few days. I’ve only been taking them for one walk a day and the backyard is still half full of ice so they aren’t running around as much as usual.

We saw the first returning Mountain Bluebirds of the year!!! There were so many of them and their plumage is such a bright blue right now. The first sighting of the year always lifts my spirits. These pretty birds are these bright little announcements: winter is drawing to a close -- spring is here!!

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  1. Rowen is officially jealous and wonders if you'll adopt her. Since I started grad school, she's been rather sorely neglected. In fact, could you adopt both of us? I'm feeling kinda neglected, too!


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