Friday, March 30, 2007

Blissed Out on Color

It’s Friday and I have two pressing deadlines, both of which are more administrative than creative (boo). To add to my misery, we are once again completely buried in snow. I need a pick-me-up.

Ah-ha! I know just what will pull me out of this funk and pacify my craving for something creative!

I’ve sent the link to the Sony Bravia commercial featuring millions of every-color-under-the-sun bouncing balls to many of you before, I know. But I am always itching to share my love of this delightful little ad with the world (and more specifically, with you, my four devoted readers)!

I used to be a bit ashamed that a commercial sat near the top of my list of favorite things. I’m making no more apologies: this little advert sits right up there with puppies, good meals shared with great friends, clean Wyoming air, an entire day to fly-fish and a map marked with a secret mountain stream, and a throw pillow filled with Sam Elliott’s chest hair. I’ve managed to make peace with my conflicting feelings over the fact that this is, indeed, an advertisement for a television encouraging yet more passive consumerism. (And more passivity, generally.)

However, for me, this 2 minute, 30 second video is truly uplifting. It celebrates the tangible and intangible attributes of color, the same attributes that have drawn me to the endless variations of this visual bliss throughout my entire life. This little film enlivens and affirms my own profound love of color. So, please, enjoy and have a happy Friday.

And I’ve never once considered buying that damn TV.

*You can find the video on YouTube, but the quality is much better on the Bravia site.

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