Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Thesis-Reading in Bed

I thought in the interest of saving my relationship as my thesis drags on I should seriously consider a high-quality book light. The other night A. got up and slept in the other room because I kept reading and wouldn't turn off my bedside lamp. Thankfully, Tom Bartlett of Slate already did the research for me.

I tried making it a rule not to do any thesis-reading in bed. I don't want to taint that space with lingering stress from thesis activities.

In theory, I wanted my bed to be a place where I could just relax and engage in only happy things. :-) Unfortunately, this thesis has triggered frequent bouts of insomnia. So my new theory is that if I go to bed feeling like I've accomplished something -- anything -- on my thesis, then I'll sleep. So far, this seems to be the case. And besides, it is so nice to be curled up in my own bed, under piles of covers with A. hanging out and the warm light of the bedside lamps that I've tended to do this more and more.

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