Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who Wouldn've Imagined Tuesday Would be Better?

Thank you for letting me freak out a bit. You guys are great. And all reminded me that yes, this is part of the process, the battle wounds I will have to show for it later.

And indeed: good enough is good enough.

UPDATE: This post over at Write to Done couldn't have been better timed.


I g-chatted with BlackSheeped last night and that pretty much made my week. My mood lifted immediately and I remembered just how wonderful my life really is.* How could it be anything other, with people like her in my life?

She sent pictures of Monk and Cab, and well. Enough said.


I had very bizarre dreams last night. It was one of those nights when I wake up from the dream, then drift right back into and continue the storyline. Eh.

Do any of you watch Medium? I do occasionally. I hadn't yesterday, or even for a few weeks. However, in my dreams I was Patricia Arquette's teenage daughter and could hear someone, or something, downstairs. I was standing in her bedroom, asking her to wake up and help me check it out. I was really worried. She was convinced she was dreaming me standing there and wouldn't get out of bed. Sure enough, some scary guy came upstairs and then there were scary "government" (wha???) people outside and it all got scary. Scary, scary. Over and over.

So, needless to say, I was pretty ready to get up this morning and push those dreams aside. And I had a great morning. Played with the pups, made A. laugh his butt off, made the bed, and had a load of laundry going before I even hopped in the shower. I love mornings like these.

A. helped me get the final ingredients ready for dinner and we tossed everything in the crockpot. I even remembered my lunch, and the carton of unopened half-n-half I have been forgetting to bring for my work coffee for over two weeks.

Apparently, a good freak out, BlackSheeped, your comments, followed by a "fuck it, I'm watching Opening Day baseball" does a woman good.

Oh, and it almost feels like spring outside! I saw loads of robins last night on the way home (but no Mountain Bluebirds yet, :-( It is so late! ). Even the little half-inch of snow we got last night has nearly all melted! The skies are blue. Spring just might show up yet.

Happy Tuesday to you!

* I haven't had my coffee yet: how would you write that sentence without it ending in "is?"


  1. Yay, I'm glad you're feeling better about it all yesterday. Those freakouts have to happen, I think, as part of the process. Glad this one didn't stick around for too long.

  2. i am perplexed by all these things happening in the morning. and cheeriness at the same time. you mean there's a way to.. like... get up? and do things? more than 25 minutes before you need to leave the house? :-)

  3. I wouldn't try to write that sentence without it ending in "is". Because it's right that way.


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