Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Five

1.  I got my stitches taken out this morning. Now I look like my eyebrow has been chewed on, but for the most part it looks and feels great. I don't think the scar will be too noticeable, and I am less concerned about it than I thought I would be. I never once freaked out about the stitches. Major victory in battling The Crazy!

2. I found this awesome, Hippie Approved coffee "sweetener." It is agave nectar flavored with organic vanilla beans. It is delicious and low glycemic. It took some fiddling to figure out how much to use in my coffee this morning, but I am here to tell you I am happily caffinated.

3. It is snowing here again. We woke up to not quite two inches of very heavy snow, and are continuing to be buried under wet, large flakes. We are under a Winter Weather Advisory, and are expected to get seven inches with 40 MPH winds.

4. Please tell me what Spring is like. In detail. And send pictures. Thanks.

5. I still have not purchased anything with the bit of birthday cash I received in February.  I am not much for shopping. Especially for myself.

So. What should I get? If I don't purchase something soon I am just going to toss that money on top of a car payment or something. I doubt that is what the generous gift-givers had intended. So.

I have been slightly obsessed with getting a Clarisonic Mia every since Slynnro talked about her full-sized gizmo. I would really love not to have pores like my mother. I love my late mother to no end, but I still do not want to inherit her skin. But, I feel totally ridiculous spending that much money on something for my face. My SCARRED face! My goodness.

But, I would kind of like an iPod Nano, too. I think. I hate buying another Apple thing that is going to trap me into only Apple software, etc. etc. I currently have a 7-year-old G4 Powerbook. It still works. It is slow compared to computers now, but it absolutely still works perfectly.

But the operating system is this [--] much to old for ANY contemporary software or components to work with it. So frustrating. And of course, everything I used on that Mac is not compatible with our Windows 7 machine. I don't know if adding a Nano to the mix will just send me over the edge of Computer Bullshit.

Or, maybe a pair of Chaco sandals? A comfy pair just for running around in, not for fly fishing.

Or - maybe a sewing machine? I would loooove to learn to sew, and already have a bazillion projects in mind. But what if this ends up being a hobby that never goes anywhere? 

I don't want a Kindle, mostly because I am trying to get all of my books from libraries.

Help me brainstorm some "fun" things to think about getting. Not just practical stuff.

Happy Friday to you!


  1. I think the Clarisonic thing is a great idea. The kind of thing that you want but don't want to spend money on is the PERFECT thing for gift money. I vote for that!

  2. Gift money that I get is earmarked by the givers for things that I would want, but cannot afford. So - think along those lines, you know? Maybe the key is the amount of luxury you would feel? I don't know.

    And once it doesn't hurt to press on your scar, the key is to rub it with some kind of lotion every day. The kind of lotion doesn't make a difference, but it's the rubbing that will disperse the scar tissue better than anything else. I may surf the internet all day, but I do work for a plastic surgeon. Ha!

  3. Like Jess said, the Clarisonic is definitely a great idea. It may seem like a splurge, but it's SO worth it to keep your skin well cared for.

    Also, if you want a Nano but don't want to be chained to Apple, look into a Zune. I know a feel people who made the switch from iPod to Zune and haven't looked back.

    Also, take a little bit of that money and go get yourself some fresh flowers to brighten up your house!

  4. I usually use gift money on massages ever since baby-having effed my hips up, so that would be my suggestion. I mean, if it's not hips it's something else, right? Everyone has a body part that bothers them.
    If not, though, the Clarisonic sounds great. What are gifts for if not to spend on something that feels like a splurge?

  5. i too vote for the clarisonic - you want it, you think it's too expensive, you now have "me-money"... VOILA! :-) and then get a massage if there's any cash left over ;-)


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