Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Five

1. This morning I hopped out of bed with loads of plans and motivation. I was going to make yummy oatmeal with a bit of brown sugar, raspberries, and apricots, then bring the recycling to town, haul ass on some final projects at work and call it a day.

Instead, I took one step in the shower and proceeded to ever-so-gracefully fall. Hard. I had one leg hanging out of the tub. I tried catch my fall with my hands, but they were mysteriously totally ineffective. I stopped my fall with my left eyebrow on the edge of the tub.

I had used an olive oil sugar scrub the night before and forgot to rinse out the tub. Let that be a lesson to you. Don't forget to rinse OIL off the floor of your slipper TUB. Jesus, I feel like an idiot.

2. I sort of kicked ass, though, for being such a dumb ass. Once I realized I'd split my face open (!!!) I turned toward the shower, gingerly held the wound open and rinsed it really well. SUCKED.

3. I have 8 stitches. Eight! So far, I have not freaked out. I didn't have an anxiety episode when they gave me the numbing shots or the stitches, either. Yay for crazy meds!

4. I meditated during the whole procedure. Cooky as shit, sure. But it totally helped me keep my shit together.

5. I am off to get some Tylenol and take a nap.

Happy Friday to you!


  1. Ouch!! i hope you have a speedy recovery! and YaY to no freaking out over stitches!!

  2. Oh no! Awww! Cuts near the eye bleed like a stuck pig too, which makes them even scarier than they need to be.

    I love that you meditated!

  3. Damn girl! Did you have to drive yourself, bleeding to the hospital?

  4. Eight stitches? Holy crap! You are so good for rinsing it out right away - good for you!

  5. Eight stitches - that is a really big wound (for the face). Ouch! Hopefully it bruises up and not under your eye. It could go either way with a brow wound.

  6. Uffda! Also, ouch. Hope it heals up soon.

  7. Eeeek! Wow. That looks painful! But way to take it like a champ! Here's to a speedy recovery.

  8. You are a badass for sure! Also, that doesn't look like it will leave much of a scar at all, PLUS the shape of the cut kind of follows the shape of the eyebrow so it won't look out of place even if it does scar.

    Hope you're not in pain!

  9. Oh my holy crap, EIGHT STITCHES!!??!! And you managed to be funny about it!

  10. Eight stitches are a lot for a face owie! Yikes.
    Also, I have a total fear of falling in the tub, so you have now firmed my resolved to BE CAREFUL. And maybe I'll just never use bath oil again. Because I'm kind of a klutz to begin with.
    I hope you heal quickly.

  11. Eep! Eight stitches? I would be so upset. You're handling it like a pro. I'm glad you're okay :)

  12. dude! you look totally badass! now you need to make up an appropriate story for how you got the scar for when people ask down the road. i suggest something involving a bar fight.

  13. Holy crap, woman! Good thinking on the rinsing it out, I never would have thought of that. I used to work at Bath and Body Works, and anytime I would sell a salt or sugar scrub I would tell people "Be CAREFUL with this in the tub -- trust me, personal experience!" Although I luckily fell OUT of the tub when it happened to me.

    Sorry I'm so late with commenting -- I'm sure you're feeling better by now.

  14. sorry you dinged yourself, sweetie and am really proud of you on how you handled! it but mainly just cuz of the picture.


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