Thursday, May 1, 2008

Anxious Hands Found Their Way to the Telephone

I’ve just hung up with the vet.

A. called while on his way to class to say that Belle hadn’t even got up from laying down when he mentioned “Jerky!” Even he sounded concerned.

I explained to the vet when and where we noticed Belle acting goofy. This new vet is awesome. At no point in this phone call was I made to feel like I was an over-protective, helicopter doggie-parent.

It sounds like it could be some kind of bug bite (spider, yellow jacket) or a tweaked muscle. It is hard to tell if she is in pain or just doesn’t feel good. Or both. The vet suggested we schedule an appointment for late in the day tomorrow so we have some time to keep an eye on her. She very well may start feeling better on her own.

If not, I’ll bring her to the vet as soon as I can get away from the filming set at 4:30 p.m. tomorrow.

Now I have to decide if my leaning toward skipping the gym tonight to get home to her is really about little miss Belle or if it has something to do with my lazy ass looking for any excuse to skip a workout.


  1. A little bit of both, I'd say. But mostly you are a sweetly concerned mama.

  2. I commented on the previous post, but it's vanished! Have you blacklisted me?

    I am glad to hear that the vet doesn't think it's anything too serious.

  3. Poor Belle. You definitely need to be by her side petting and sweet-talking her rather than working out.

    That's my opinion, anyway. :)

    I hope she starts feeling better soon!

  4. P.S. Film set? Are you secretly a movie star?

  5. P&D - you literally could not pay me enough to be in movies!

    No - I am still in the middle of filming (me as producer, not as star!) 16 short films for work. Every Friday, for 16 weeks. It is killing me. Bah.

  6. Poor Belle! Rowen sends nuzzles. And I send hugs for the anxious momma.

  7. oh deers. my oliver had an emergency vet trip last night too. hopefully both kiddos recover quickly..

  8. So sorry the pup is not feeling well! Hope she is back to 100% soon! Sending good thoughts your (and Belle's) way!


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