Monday, May 12, 2008

Menacingly, the Animal Growled

I've already eaten what I've brought for lunch as well as my afternoon snack of chocolate chips and nuts. All I have left in my lunch bag is my afternoon apple. There are four more hours before I am supposed to hit the gym.

And my tummy just growled.

The probability that I will use hunger as an excuse not to go the gym today: HIGH.


  1. Days like that are the WORST. But I love your afternoon snack.

  2. i've... uh... never used that excuse to skip the gym. i'm also a liar.

  3. Oh man, I've eaten my lunch before 9:30 TOO MANY TIMES TO COUNT.

  4. I totally did that today, as in a few hours ago. Now it's 1:30pm and I've got a very loooong stretch of not eating before me and dinner. Depressing.


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