Wednesday, April 30, 2008

She Wrung Her Hands, Unable to Help

This morning started off like any other morning. Buster jumped up on the bed to cuddle while Belle jumped up to get some scratches on her chest and belly before pestering Buster until he gave in and played with her.

A few minutes later, as she hopped out the back door, Belle started to whimper and gnaw on her back, left leg. She's been limping and lying around ever since. She didn't do a cartwheel out the back door. She wasn't twisted or anything. And yet, now she seems to be in considerable pain.

She barely wagged her tail when it was time for J-E-R-K-Y. I am struggling not to call the vet's after-hours emergency number. And not to cry. Belle is my strong, agile little girl. And she is just a pile of dog, laying around the house.

But, she did go for a walk with A. earlier this evening and only had a slight limp. Any pain didn't seem to be too bad. She even kicked up dirt after taking a pee. Such a lady, my Belle.

A. and I have decided to see how she does throughout Thursday before calling the vet. We are both dumbfounded as to what might be going on. Tummy trouble? Pulled muscle? Bug bite?

Oh, I have an anxious tummy.

She has been crawling under very low furniture and hanging out under beds, end tables, and chests for about a week. Last night she slept beneath the guest bed that is very low to the ground. Maybe an old spring poked or scratched her?

I wish my little girl could talk to me.


  1. Aw. Hope her leg feels better soon.

  2. Oh, NO. I hope she's okay. Keep us posted, please.

  3. Oh my heart goes out to you! I have been there with my little Millie. She his under the guest bed all day and would only come out if we physically removed her. She would not even come out for treats and did not eat or drink for 2 days. It turned out to be nothing but an upset tummy, but we did take her to the vet who relieved us of some fears.

    I will be thinking about Belle all day, and PLEASE update tonight if you have a chance!

  4. Oh, poor little thing. It's so hard knowing there's something wrong but not WHAT (kids, pets, etc.)

    Thinking of her (and you)!

  5. oh no :-( update us.. i'm worried about the poor girl..

  6. Poor thing. Couldn't hurt to take her to the vet, just to ease your mind.


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