Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Five

1. Most of the snow (but not all!) had melted by the end of the day on Tuesday. It smelled clean and fresh, like after a rain shower. Everything is turning very green with all of the extra moisture.

2. I am feeling completely overwhelmed with clutter again. I think I am going to spend Sunday morning sorting out what to post to Freecycle, what to post on Craigslist, what is particularly useful for someone down on their luck and prepare it for the Salvation Army, and shoving everything else into trash bags or recycling bins.

3. I won’t be doing this on Saturday, though, because A. and I will be in Denver, meeting Shauna and Jason and watching the Twins/Rockies game. I am both thrilled and a little nervous. Mostly thrilled, though!

4. I just used my tax rebate to buy new tires. I really wanted to bury the check in the backyard, just to give Dubya the finger.

5. The remainder of the rebate will be handed right over to the gas companies so that A. and I can make it to the wedding. Fucking cars and all the trappings! I hate you.


  1. I was SO TEMPTED to shred that check too, for the same reason. Except that it was direct deposit so not exactly shred it. However, we are putting it straight into savings, which is the next best thing.

    Have fun with Shauna and Jason! I am jealous.

  2. I know what you mean about wanting to bury the check. SIGH. We used it to STIMULATE also. So lame.

  3. Wah! I want a cheque!

    Have a great weekend and have fun with Shauna & Jason!

  4. gah. i actually NEED that stupid check now that i racked up all those vet bills, EXCEPT that since i paid for turbotax by deducting the fee out of my rebate, for some reason that means they have to MAIL it to me instead of direct deposit. so now i get it in, like, july. if it doesn't get lost in the mail. HATE.

  5. I used my rebate check to pay for some of the closing costs on our house, so I'm not sure if I'm stimulating or not.

    Have you heard about the Scorcese (I think?) biopic about Dubya? I understand that Rob Cordry will be playing Rumsfeld and that freaks my shit out.

  6. #4 is hilarious. My exact thoughts on the dubya stimulus package.

  7. Oh... and thanks for the freecycle link... what a great way to keep good stuff out of the dump.


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