Friday, May 16, 2008

One Step Closer to Living Up to Our Promise

Check this out! I am only now getting my shit together; I've been crying happy tears for a couple of minutes, now. Seriously, it is so very sweet and also exhilarating.

*pumping fist in the air, triumphantly*

In case you hadn't heard, or don't keep an ear to this issue quite as obsessively as I do, the California Supreme Court overturned the ban on same-sex marriage.

While it is a victory, in many ways it is two steps forward and one step back. Until the federal government recognizes and defends same-sex marriages/civil unions and with all of the same rights (not privileges!!) as heteronormative* marriages, there will always be heartbreaking situations for gay families were their rights are without protection.

Terrance, over at the Republic of T., has some wonderfully articulate and well thought-out posts about how complicated gay marriage is in actuality. I have some specific posts of his in mind, but I am having a hard time finding them right now. I'll update with links in a bit.


* I love, love, love the term "heteronormative marriage," not because I love heteronormative marriage as such, but because the term illustrates so very, very much and interests the hell out of me. I am working on a long, sometimes inarticulate, post about it.


  1. I HADN'T heard about that!

    That lifts the spirits slightly, although chances of Texas pulling its head out: ZERO.


    jess (of du wax loolu) and i were talking about this - our plan is to make the ONLY legally recognized "union" - between gay, straight, anything people - a civil union of some sort. and then anyone who WANTS to can get "married" by a church. but if states are going to be cool with "unions" but not let gay unions be called "marriages" because of religious / social precedent WHATEVER... then fine. make what EVERYONE gets a "union," and then if people are dying for the actual title of "marriage"? cool, go to church and do that too.

  3. I have to say, I love the word heteronormative too. SO MANY SYLLABLES!

    But yes, YAY to California.


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