Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Go Twins (and Rockies)!

Shauna and Jason have impeccable taste in sports teams.

It was truly wonderful to meet them. They are my first Internet-to-Real-Life friends! They are both so funny and smart and, well, genuine.

A. and I whisked them off to some nearby mountains, and we all tooled around the little mountain town of Nederland, CO. Both A. and I regretted that we weren't more familiar with the area in order to show them some really unique features of the land.
The entire time we were together A. and I kept remarking how lovely the weather was because there was no wind. I wouldn't be surprised if Shauna and Jason think we are, well, a bit off. It is entirely understandable.

Over a yummy dinner of pizza and wings, Shauna and I discovered that we both new this guy's sisters. There werea lot of, "No way!" Nut-uh," "That's crazy!" and "Really!?!"s going on.

Then, then - it turns out that A. and I bought tickets that were right behind Shauna and Jason. Out of 40,000+ thousand possible seats.

(That is them, to the right of my giant head.)

During our ride home, after we said goodbye to Shauna and Jason, A. and I chatted about how comfortable and enjoyable the day had been, how thankful we were to have met these two great folks.

Our only regret was that we didn't get to spend more time together.


  1. Aww! Yay!

    So glad you had fun. Also, you all sort of look...related or something! Like, you and Shauna are sisters and A and Jason are brothers? I don't know. Weird.

  2. You guys are all so CUTE. And this get-together was obviously meant to be, because really? Those seats RIGHT BEHIND them? What are the odds of THAT?

    I'm glad you had such a great time!

  3. I was going to say the same thing about you guys all matching, in a way. So glad you had such a good time. It would be very cool to make that Internet to Real Life leap.

  4. Ha - you said we were smart! :)

    I am totally kicking myself for not meeting up with you guys earlier in the day so we could've had more time together. Now you'll just have to come to MN in October so we can hang out again. (Jason even asked me on the way home where we would take you guys if you came to visit.)

    And looking at that picture, A. and Jason DO look like they could be brothers...and we do look like we could be sisters. Sweet!

    And the fact that you ended up RIGHT BEHIND US at the game, with no previous knowledge of where we were going to be sitting, still boggles my mind.

    That drive through the mountains was the highlight of our trip. Seriously. That was awesome.

    P.S. Is it weird that I wasn't nervous about meeting you guys at all? And I typically am not an outgoing social person, especially when meeting new people. But it felt so natural and easygoing to be hanging out with you guys.

    P.P.S. I still can't believe we both know Mary B.

  5. Wow, it's like 2 bloggers in one!

    But what the hell did you take them to Nederland for? Coffee in the railroad car? Tapestry shopping?

    Just kidding. I always forget that mountain towns are really exciting to people who haven't lived in mountain towns.

  6. whee! how fun! heh, i just commented on shauna's site that i was jealous she got to meet you... so for you: i'm jealous you got to meet shauna!! that whole weekend seemed SO fun, i'm so happy you guys all had such a good time! :-)

  7. d'oh! Sorry, that post I had came out way snarkier than it was meant to be.

    Sorry. Sounds like the mountain tour was really good. Glad you all had fun.


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