Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ridiculously Belated Weekend Wrap Up

By 7:00 p.m. on Friday, A. and I had a weekender suitcase packed and the car puppy-proofed with two very happy mutts going apeshit in the back seat. They get so damn jazzed to be in the car that they gallop and pace across the backseat, filling the cabin with hot, damp, stinky dog breath. It is so much fun!

They pace from one window to the next, sticking their eager little faces under the front-seat seat belts and the windows, just to get a better look out the front window. All the while, charging themselves with
freakishly massive amounts of static electricity. Inevitably, they will decide they need some pets, and will ever so lovingly and kindly rest their sweet heads
on our shoulders, reminding us that they are there, in the backseat. Unfortunately, every time they shock us with static electricity from their cold, wet noses to our dainty, exposed little human ears.

There is nothing in this world, not even J-E-R-K-Y, that Buster loves more than riding in the car, watching trucks go by.

He looks frightened here, but really he is just really, really into the passing traffic. If you look closely, you can see nose smudges on the glass from when he forgets there is glass even there and tries to jump out and follow to damn trucks. Stupid, adorable puppy.


We were happily zipping our way up to the north-central-ish part of the Big Red Square State to visit A.'s family. Both his sisters were home with their kids, and it was a special treat to see those from Santa Fe.

His older sister and mom taught me how to make lefsa! I grew up eating this, but never knew how to make it myself. There is a debate between members of the family as to whether you eat this with butter and sugar or butter and brown sugar. I like the plain sugar the best, though we grew up eating it with butter and honey. When I mentioned that at the dinner table, conversation paused briefly. Apparently, that is considered a special form of culinary treason within this family.

The Universe decided to hand me a couple of gems over the weekend to help me reconsider my recent longings for a kitty to join our family.

First, A.'s sister B. mentioned that her cat, Lilly, shits in a litter box in the car during the long trip from Santa Fe and how that was mildly unpleasant.
Mildly unpleasant? I nearly died right there.

Then, Buster came up to me, all happy, wagging his tail and grinning he ass off. He and Belle LOVE it at Grandma's house. They get to run on 40+ acres without a care in the world. But that wasn't what had him so lit up.
He had found himself a new treat.

As he was panting, I had never smelled breath so foul in my life. My brain started leak out of my left ear, my nose sealed shut, and my tummy started threatening to barf and barf and barf. I looked over at A. in horror; why did our dog smell so bad? Can the others smell this?
Offensive didn't even begin to describe this dog's breath. What the hell was going on?

Turns out, Buster had eaten cat shit.

Now, from reading some of your blogs and some conversations with Black Sheeped , I know this is not an altogether uncommon occurrence. But, my lord. The wretched stink! I am getting all kinds of gaggy and antsy just recalling that horrific, horrific, smell coming out of Buster's mouth. *GAG*

Also, Lilly scares the living hell out of Buster, and even has Belle keeping a distance from her. The hissing and spitting and viscous swatting every time one of my dogs comes near her give me pause. Also, that hissing, and especially that fucking crazyass
spitting thing that she does just manifests the evilness that I fear lurks within all kitties. That is some scary shit right there.
Here is the evil kitty, only barely disguising her evilness:

But Phoebe, one of the other kitties? SO. SWEET.
Needless to say, I am rethinking the kitty adoption.
It was a full house. There were eight adults, three children (4 yrs, 18 months, and 11 months), four dogs, and three cats. BUSY. Lots of feet. It was very happy. It was relaxed. It was comfy. We celebrated an early Thanksgiving because everyone was home. A. smiled a lot. I am so glad we made the trip, so thankful for such wonderful people in my life who so openly welcome me into their own. It was one of those weekends were I fell even deeper in love with A. It was a good weekend.

A. with his nephew, M. Go, Avs!


  1. This sounds like a lovely weekend and my dog, Bear, totally does the forget-there-is-a-window thing too!

    Also, I eat my lefsa with sugar and butter and it's delicious, though I am a bad Norweigan as I have never made my own. SHAME, I know!

  2. Clearly, lefse is eaten with butter and regular sugar. DUH. Making it sounds like a nightmare though. NO THANKS.

    Our dogs love, love, love the car too. We cannot even SAY R-I-D-E or they Fuh-REAK.

  3. I love the picture in the car!

    I only eat lefse with butter and sugar. Lots and lots of both. Mmmmm.

    I don't want to gross you out, but our dogs growing up used to eat horse poop. And when my Dad would trim the horses' hooves, the dogs would come running by to steal the hoof clippings and would.not.relinquish them no matter what.

  4. I am dying here, laughing at the cat poop breath! And there's nothing quite like a hot man holding a little kid.

    And, I'll sheepishly admit that I have no idea what lefse is. But, I promise to google it. :-)

  5. Monk loves to eat his claw/toenail clippings when we clip them. We try to prevent it, but he acts like they are tastier than potato chips and cat shit COMBINED. Dogs are gross. Cats are also gross.

    I love them all!

    (This is why we have baby gated all access to litter pans, by the way.)

    I'm so glad you had a fun weekend, and that the advisor switching is going well! And that is a cute photo of A. :)


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