Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday Five

1. Oh, yeah. It's freakin' Friday already.

2. This morning was finally the last morning to start with a generic pop tart. Thank goodness.

3. I've been fumbling around with a post about my feelings on having or not having children for some time. The comments and impending follow-up post here has this idea kicking around again. This would be, by far, the most personal post I've written so fa

4. An all-veggie sandwich that is then "toasted" is kind of weird. And kind of gross.

5. For a few months now, I've been daydreaming of adopting a kitty. I am terrified of cats. I hate when you walk into someone's house and your nose immediately informs you that, yes, this is the house of a cat owner. Myself and half of my family are allergic, as well as my best friend, Jel Bel. The dogs may try to eat the kitty, I am not sure. Or, alternatively, the kitty might scare Buster into an even more neurotic mess. Trying to budget in a third vet bill would require a knowledge of magic I do not possess. I would barf and barf and barf if I thought the kitty, with its little kitty-litter feet, was on my countertops while I was away at work. BARF.

But! Last weekend we met a tabby that was up for adoption and she has just stolen my heart. She is a pretty, pretty beige color. Kind of like this:

She is only four months-old. Do you suppose she'd purr a lot? Cuddle in bed? Snuggle with the dogs? Chase mice? Awwww.... So sweet.

But, s
imultaneously, I think: So evil. She will scratch my eyes out and gnaw on my throat while I sleep. Evil, evil kitty!

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Like dogs, all kitties have their own unique personalities. Some are shy, some are attention needers, some are vocal, some are neurotic, some act like puppies. In my experience, most purr a lot if they love you (and they love you if you feed them, usually), and most will love to sleep with you. I have never had my eyes scratched out, and our kitties have been trained to stay off the counter tops. Jelly Roll sometimes chews on my hand to try to get me to feed him, but I have never had my throw gnawed on. Most dogs and kitties can be trained to get along (especially if one or both are young), especially if you are patient and don't Make a Big Deal out of it. And I can say this, even while feeling guilty about saying it: every night when Jelly Roll flops up against me, even though he is horrible, he can pretty much bring me more joy than all the other pets combined. There's something about the less-evolved cat, that still has so much wildness, liking me, that is wonderful and interesting. I think kitties are hilarious, special, stupid and weird animals. I hate them and I love them tons!

    So: All that to say, I'm biased! But I think you and a kitty would get along really well. If anything, you have an excellent cat resource RIGHT HERE, because obviously I can not just SHUT UP ABOUT THEM. My first WORD was kitty! I have taught cats to JOG ON LEASHES. Also, for some interesting reading, look up stuff about how unevolved cats are compared to dogs. It's neat.

    I swear I'll shut up now.

  2. PS. Until she is around two years old, she will probably play a lot. I mean, a LOT. That is how kittens are. Sometimes people don't realize that about how, um, busy they are. They make up for it by sleeping for the majority of their adulthood, however.

  3. We have always been lucky in cat ownership. We've only had two though, so I don't know how much you can go by my experience. I cuddled both of them a lot when they were kittens, and I do think that had a lot to do with their sweet, cuddly personalities.

  4. I would love love LOVE to read your thoughts about kids. Seriously. It is so on my mind recently. I am fascinated by what other people have to say about it.

  5. I am all about cats and like Black Sheeped says, every cat has a different personality. My current cat Annie is totally a tomboy and likes to sit near you and she has a fabulous purr. Even though she's 7, she still runs around like a kitten. I got Tigger when she was 8 weeks old, and I was 8 years old. 19 years later when she died I wept like a baby. Tigger liked to sit on you, she was a petite lady, and a little shy.

    Pick up a copy of The Character of Cats by Stephen Budiansky from your local library. It's a wonderful book about interacting with cats and why they do what they do.

    As for walking into someone's house, and your nose immediately informs that a cat lives there...that's just bad housekeeping. As long as you regularly dust, vacuum, promptly scoop the litter box, and change the litter on a regular basis.

    And if you're not sure about permanently bringing a cat into your home, try being a kitty foster parent for a while. If it doesn't work out, you've done a good thing by fostering a kitty that needs a home, and you'll feel no guilt about having to return the kitty.

    As for being terrified of cats, as sure as you try to avoid them, they will come running to you like you were covered in catnip.

  6. I'm looking forward to more on all of these topics. Well except for the pop tarts. Hopefully that is settled once and for all.

  7. i am totally biased toward kitty-owning but OMG KITTENS ARE SO EFFING FANTASTIC. there is no one on earth who won't melt a little bit when they have a cat purring in their arms like a small outboard motor. i have had boring cats (in that they didn't interact much with humans (although those have tended to be "street" cats who were rescued at some point - if you get a young one i think you're pretty much guaranteed not to have that be the case)) but i've never had a MEAN cat that claws at throats while you sleep. if they're on the mean side they just sort of ignore you.

    also, cats are freaking ALWAYS cleaning themselves. even their little cat paws. clean!

    finally: would love to hear your thoughts on the blacksheeped topic...

  8. I want a kitty too, but also fear the cat small and the fact that they go potty IN MY HOUSE (and not in a toilet). I think I must wait until I have my ranch, and then I can have kitties who like to be outside and also cuddle with me inside. And also bring me large quantitities of Allegra for I am hopelessly allergic.

    I love how you persevered through the generic poptarts and didn't just give up and buy some regular ones. I would be the same way.

  9. On the one hand, one of my cats is a total terror -- on the other hand she can be very, very sweet.

    Cats keep away the mice. Cats attack little beetles (ok, fine, cockroaches) and shoo them away or eat them. Cats purr.

    some like to snuggle under blankets and keep your feet warm.

    I love cats -- that said, there are dog people and cat people and then there are lotsa animal people. I'm sorta a lotsa person myself, though dogs seem so high maintenance to me.

    Sorry for the rambling comment. I'm thinking "and my point was?" too.


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