Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Five

1. Sometimes those word verification things are really hard for my poor eyes to decipher, but this is because my eyesight degenerates further with each passing minute and I am kind of a dork. But yesterday I ran into a combo of letters that was something like, "bdbdgb" and it dawned on me that these must be a bitch for folks with dyslexia. It also dawned on me that I take an awful lot for granted.

2. I've started messing around with a rewrite of Chapter One of The Thesis to give to Advisor #2. My goal is to have it wrapped up by the weekend and shoot it off to D. on Monday. I have a lot of refresher reading to do, and need to really dig into the material; it's been a while.

3. Surprising in a happy, happy sort of way, this doesn't feel nearly as daunting as everything associated with The Thesis did previously. I am in a much healthier mental neighborhood this time around. I not too worried that the world will end if The Thesis is not Perfect and contain observations of such a caliber as to Shift The Paradigm. Now, I'm residing in the Whatever Neighborhood. This neighborhood? It is awesome. The neighbors are so much more friendly and forgiving of my messy front yard that appears to have no rhyme or reason, and some neighbors have even delighted in my choice of periwinkle exterior house paint instead of the typical beige or white.

4. I am quite certain that I will get helpful and timely feedback from Advisor #2, who lives just down the road in my new neighborhood. Also, I am not currently convinced that needing some guidance through This Process makes me Unworthy of Academic Recognition and that D. is not going to think I am stupid and unfit or a nuisance because I want to work with him to finish The Thesis.

5. This is a much, much better place to be. If any of you notice me futzing around with the idea of moving back to the Neighborhood of Unrealistic and Harmful Expectations, please remind me that I can't afford to own in that neighborhood and that the rent there is much, much too high.

Happy Friday to you!


  1. I like your neighborhood! Know I have the Mr. Rogers (Rodgers? Oh, I don't know anymore?) song in my head, but it's a happy song, so it's okay.

    I'm so glad you've moved! Yay!

  2. The "V" and "W" get me every time on the word verification thingee. BAH.

    See ya, shady neighborhood!

  3. I have a very hard time with the "j's" and the "i's" because sometimes it is really wiggly. And I also found out, thanks to another blogger's comment section, sometimes it doesn't go through because it "timed out" which, I guess, means I'm talking too much.

  4. I'm so glad that you have a nice new neighborhood to be in for this thesis work. I want neighbors like yours.

  5. Heee heee heee! I love the Whatever Neighborhood. Count me in, as one of your Whatever neighbors.


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