Thursday, February 21, 2008

What's a Week?

About twenty minutes ago I realized I put a deadline on my work calendar - a week later than it really is.

Nineteen minutes and 15 seconds ago I realized I am not going to make the (real) deadline.

Those 45 seconds that my mind journeyed to the final realization? Painful.


  1. Oops. Hopefully you can fake it enough to buy you more time.

    Not at all the same, but this morning, I realized that Lisa's book report (usually due Friday) was due today because Friday is (yet another) PD day. We were already running late, but we somehow pulled it off - with a book that she still had 2 chapters left to read!!

  2. Oh no! That stomach-dropping feeling when you realize you made that kind of mistake is the worst ever. Good luck catching up.

  3. Oh no! Panic! Nervous tummy! I've totally done it.

  4. I sympathize. This morning I found out that an assignment that I thought was due next week is due tomorrow. Fortunately a friend in the same class happened to mention that the assignment is due tomorrow or I would have been truly screwed.


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