Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Five: Not as Occasional

1. It has been -10 degrees with the wind chill due to 55 mph winds for a few days in a row now. Spring? Are you coming soon? Please? Because dammit, this is absurd.

2. A. is worried that Belle is depressed. The cycle of not enough walks, not enough road trips and too much BORING WINTER may be taking its toll. Other than fitting in more walks and some trips to the mountains, I don't know what to do. Our dogs don't play with toys. They don't chase sticks. They wrestle and cuddle. There is always lots and lots of both of those activities. Any suggestions?

3. It could be that A. is fucking with me and totally planted the "Belle is depressed" thing in my head. Bastard.

4. Yesterday I realized that I have work commitments that cannot be re-scheduled on the Rockies Home Opener. I am in total despair.

5. I bought myself a birthday present last weekend. I never buy much for myself. I will hem and haw over a $10 purchase. But I just HAD to have this:

And yes, I will be wearing this to work on April 4. *sniff*


  1. You are so sweetly supportive. I hope Belle is okay. I hope spring comes soon. Those last two things might be related.

  2. I think it's a bit impossible not to be depressed, or just plain blue, when the weather is so uncooperative. Belle will get better. Spring is only about a month away!

  3. I'm convinced our dog is depressed, too. Actually, he's probably been mildly depressed ever since we brought the first baby home and he got demoted. Poor bastard.

  4. Awwww...on both the dog and the opening day. Jessie, our Sheltie, is a drama queen and oftens lays down with a big "oh woe is me sigh..." If that doesn't get the attention, she will sigh at 5 minute intervals and then drape her head over your foot. Just in case you didn't notice.

  5. Oh, poor Belle. I think she needs a new toy!

    You have to miss the season opener??? THAT SUCKS. I am eagerly waiting for our season tickets to arrive, and even called the Twins ticket office to annoy the customer service rep, who told me, "We mail them out in MID-MARCH." She didn't say, "So stop bothering us," but I felt it.

    Soon we'll be buying our plane tickets to Colorado and our game tickets for the Twins-Rockies series - can't wait!

  6. OOOOOH nice jersey!

    obviously, i feel that wearing jerseys to work is completely appropriate ;-)


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