Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Last evening, during my hair appointment, the extraordinarily BORING routine of my life as of late became quite clear to me as I “updated” my stylist on what I’d been up to since my last visit.

Reading. Baking. Laundry. Not enough writing. Work.

Need to remedy this. Need to break out of this Rut of Blah.

One unfortunate and predictable result of having a BORING LIFE is that I have very little blog fodder. So, Thank the Heavens! I’ve been tagged! Tagged for the Seven Random Things meme by Flibberty. THANK YOU.

The desperation, so apparent in this post, has me really considering going to the gym tonight. At least it would be something different. And misery always makes for good blog content. Now, let’s see if I can come up with a whole seven random things about me. Er.

The Rules:

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1. Thirty-seven is my favorite number. Actually, the 3 and the 7 together are my favorite number. Let me explain.

I love the number three because of my sisters. My mom had three daughters, no sons. Just us. She was always very proud of this fact. My sisters and I were proud. My father positively beamed at his girls. Three. Yes, we were a family of five, but there was something really special about being three sisters.

After my mom died and my father re-married, we became a family of seven. And though I would never wish that my mother was gone, I am so thankful for the blessings that have been a part of our lives as a result of what my family is today. Including yet another (step) sister and finally! a (step) brother. Not to mention a kick-ass step-mother. Needless to say, I am a true believer that Grace comes to us in many ways.

So, 37.

2. I desperately want to become “a runner.” I daydream about how good I will feel in my own body again, how I won’t feel trapped by this extra layer that just GETS IN THE WAY, DAMMIT. I want to shed this alien that has latched onto me in the past year and a half. I can’t wait to cross that threshold from “flailing around the track painfully while panting mightily” to “running gracefully and purposefully through the pain.” I want to feel strong again.

Please don’t let me give up on this.

3. I have daydreamed about – and even tried to figure out how to – set up a radio/CD player/MP3 player/record player/tape player of some sort to solar power once life as we know it comes to a nasty, messy halt. Because I want to still be able to dance to R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” during The Revolution.

4. I inherited a fair amount of Crazy and Paranoia regarding the End of the World from my father. Thanks, Dad. Love you!

5. As a child, nothing held my heart or imagination with such steadfastness as unicorns. At one point, I had more than 50 unicorns, in some form or another, in my bedroom. Dear Lord.

6. I want to travel by myself, at least once. I want to know I can do that. It would mean a lot to me if that trip were to Turkey.

7. I love color. I mean, I really love color. My favorite part of any art project was mixing paint. One of my professors called me a Color Wizard. That nickname meant so much to me. More than it should have. I could match any color. This professor would whip up “challenge colors” for me, just to see if I could match it. FUN.

I become mesmerized by color. My favorite technique in painting watercolors is to actually build the color. Because watercolors are transparent, the color you see is what happens when light bounces back off the paper and through the layers of transparent paint to your eyes. Amazing, yes? Using watercolors, I like to build layers of color on top of each other, so that the color you see is actually a process. To a degree this is always the process in watercolors, but I like to make it a very deliberate part of the process. So instead of mixing a kind of green, I like to paint many, many alternating layers of different mixes of blues and yellows to let that green I am looking for literally glow through the paper. The theory behind this literally makes my heart race. It is so fun. I am not nearly so talented as to get the results I am looking for most of the time, but the challenge is always there and is such a thrill.

I need to paint again.

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  1. Oh man, you just made me want to learn how to paint.

    Also, #3 is awesome because I am also paranoid regarding the end of the world as we know it. Hence my HUGE desire to live somewhere farmable and actually learn something about growing shit.

  2. I've always wanted to take a vacation by myself too.

    Ever since I read The Road, I've been thinking more about end of the world stuff. What would I put in my "preparedness kit"? AND SO ON.

  3. Flib - want to be neighbors in a sustainable commune? No, seriously.

    Tessie - Hmmm, now I am curious about that book but I get the impression it will not help me sleep at night.

  4. Let's see how you like 37 when you turn that age.

    As far as "runner," goes, it took me a few years, to be honest. One thing that helped speed it along is joining a running club/training club of some kind. They'll push you into doing things you never thought you could, and it strengthens you. Just a thought.

    2nding the February is boring, rut-filled month. People are abandoning their blogs! It is BAD out there!

  5. i think EVERYONE should travel alone. it's so much more fun and empowering than i ever thought it would be.

    why turkey?

  6. I am so, so into this color thing you are talking about. Seriously, it is amazing. You are amazing. Also, I love the unicorns. What color did you prefer the horn to be?

  7. Numbers four and five cracked me the heck up. Four because I too have a fair amount of fear regarding The End Times, etc., due to churchy upbringing. Now I am in a much better place spiritually and don't FEAR this, but my husband is a bit paranoid about the inevitable anarchy of our Western civilization, blah blah blah, yada yada, and is all about buying land and having a commune with solar power and fields of barley and all that jazz. You two should totally have a chat- Flibberty, too.
    Five because Adelay is now obsessed with unicorns, and every time she says the word it makes me laugh.

  8. I am with you and flib on #3, as I often prepare for the end of the world in my mind. I have all sorts of super intricate plans. I think I can speak for flib when I say we are with you on the sustainable commune thing, as that would be step one in preparation for armaggedon.

    And the paint things kicks ass too.

  9. I hear you on the running thing. I WANT to be the kind of runner/athlete that always makes time for it and actually looks forward to it. I tell myself that I don't have the right clothes, it's too cold, it's too dark and on and on. The truth is, I don't like it well enough to make it a priority. But I SO want to.

  10. Oh, how I wish I were a "true" runner too. I don't think panting away on my treadmill counts.

    Also, artists fascinate me. I think art classes may be in my future... it's not something I feel I can devote proper time to right now, but later in life, when my kids are less labor-intesive...

  11. Ooh, I desperately want to travel by myself, just once. For awhile, I wanted to do one of those "Be a lighthouse keeper for a week" trips you can do. That would be AWESOME.

    Sadly, I am with you on the unicorns. At one point my rooms was FILLED with them. WHY?

  12. I used to be all wound up in 4 too. I used to watch movies like "Threads" and "The Day After Tomorrow" and then be afraid that I'd look out the window and see a giant mushroom cloud. Also plane crashes. I have found that neither thought holds the fear it used to for me.

  13. Coooool list.

    2. You will. Just keep at it. Remember, to outsiders, "flailing while panting mightily" looks exactly the same as "running gracefully and purposefully through the pain." Unless you're Marion Jones, of course, but most people aren't.

    4. There comes a time every year when I narrow my eyes and gaze speculatively at my (wasteful, waterhogging) front lawn. The tomatoes could go right here, I think. The potatoes could go over here. Provided the local militia could secure us water rights, I could totally grow our own food. Mostly. Except for the wheat and stuff. We'd also have to start eating Squirrel.

    5. I actually love thinking about the end of the world--as in, this is seriously comforting to me. I don't linger on the bloody ramifications of geopolitical upheaval, obviously, but I do like to think of sagebrush breaking through the pavement, the wind blowing off the roofs of the abandoned houses--it's my mental alternative to sprawl.

    Yes, The World Without Us is my favorite book. *Even though I haven't read it yet. Ahem.

    7. I do want to see this. And I bet it's not something you can exactly post on the internet, either. Sigh.

  14. Oh, and I forgot: yes on #6 too. I feel sometimes like I got involved too young, and missed out on my wanderlust phase. I really do want to see if I can travel alone in a foreign place--and this is something my husband, bless his heart, absolutely doesn't understand. The idea makes him seriously nervous, for one thing (I think he always mentally adds "and sleep with random strangers" to this stated wish of mine). Also, he doesn't understand that I've never done this. He has, sort of, and I haven't. Whenever we travel together, due to sexist factors (on the part of other people, mostly, but also internal to our marriage, I think) and also to personality factors (I'm way introverted), he is always the one with whom people interact. So I feel like even though I've traveled, I haven't TRAVELED.

  15. hiya

    oh yeah, love REM and 'end of the world...' which I tried (And Failed) to memorize but sorta came close to.

    I'd like to be fine at the End of the World as We Know it. I am vaguely embarassed by thinking it's coming and vaguely terrified that I'm not preparing more. I am learning to garden, though...


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