Thursday, February 21, 2008

An Improvement. Of sorts.

Well, I still don't have a chance in hell of having the report designed and printed and distributed by deadline, but such is life sometimes.

My boss, who is so very merciful, told me to do the best I can. I hate that the best I can do will not be good enough, but again -- SUCH IS LIFE.

My day improved, however. I suppose. I was presented with an opportunity to face a particular fear of mine. I was presented with an opportunity to do something that I could later brag about to A.

I ate a meal worm.

Yes, you read that correctly. I ate a meal worm that had been fried in sesame oil and garlic. It wasn't bad at all. It was a tad crunchy, but crunchy in the way popcorn is. And it tasted good, with all that garlic.

(Just how the hell did this opportunity walk itself across my desk at work? A professor down the hall had fried some worms up for a class and asked if I'd like to try one. He is also the guy who won't touch canola oil. Do with that what you will.)

Word traveled fast around the department. No shit, within three minutes I had heard from every other women in the department, all surprised I ate the little bugger.

As I gloated to A. that I had actually eaten a bug, it dawned on me that I no longer have a foot to stand on when insisting that he keep his meal worms for ice-fishing out of the refrigerator.

At least I was presented with a small personal triumph -- yes, yes I could compete on Fear Factor! -- to take the sting out of an otherwise crappy day.


  1. Awesome! And you even KNEW it was a worm BEFORE you ate it.

  2. Wait, you had an actual fear of eating a meal worm? I mean, I would absolutely prefer not to eat one, but I don't have an active fear about it happening to me. Is that just me?

  3. You are awesome.

    A few years ago during a family reunion, we had our own version of "Fear Factor." I ate an earthworm.

    It tasted like dirt. The end.

  4. When I first glanced at the post, the first sentence I saw was "I ate a meal worm" and I totally thought it was by accident and started to gag a bit. Until I saw the words "fried" and "garlic". Then you just made me hungry.

  5. i could totally do a mealworm. but those huge, spindly spiders and shit they have on the show? that try to claw their way out of your mouth? THOSE i could not do.

  6. Just thinking about Fear Factor, even in a vague, non-specific way makes me feel squirmy. reading Alice's comment about stuff clawing their way out of my mouth? Literally gives me creepy-crawly goosebumps and queasy tummy.

  7. Ew.

    But good for you for doing something daring.

  8. You are woman! I can hear the roar!

    Well done, you.

  9. Sweeeet. AND, you made it sound yummy.

    Mmmmm. Meal worms.

  10. And I was just about to say, "Next stop...fear factor!" but you beat me to it.


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