Monday, February 25, 2008

But, Not Really

So, do you remember when I placed a work deadline on my calendar a week later than it really was? Funny, wasn't it?

Have I mentioned that A. and I are going to his cousin's wedding on March 8 that is a 1,000+ mile trip? That required me to finagle a Friday off from work during an on-going and labor-intensive project? That this finagling involved backbends and begging and pleading and the promise of homemade cookies?

Can you guess what I am about to type next?

The wedding is, in fact, this Saturday, March 1.

I feel like I am losing my mind!


  1. Oh dear. Well, Monday is already halfway over! Perhaps some Peppermint Patties would help? They always make me feel better.

  2. Oh no! Is your work calendar paper or electronic? Sounds like the kind of thing only a computer could fuck up.

  3. Stephanie - I just made myself a coffee with chocolate-mint creamer. It is a start.

    LoriD - Computer! I feel like I've lost a whole week or something. I've NEVER done anything like this. I seriously feel like I am going crazy. Bah!

  4. Oh no! Must be the leap year! Makes it seem like Monday should be LATER than the 1st.

  5. Two words: Long vacation. Sounds like you are overdue for one. And I don't mean a long weekend. You need at least two weeks someplace without cell phone reception or Internet access.

  6. Oh no! Your internal calendar is just a week off. Somewhere in the future an extra week HAS to pop up out of nowhere, in order to right things karmically. Or something.

  7. oh ICK. that's not fun. will they let you off for this weekend??

  8. Tessie - I hate to say it but I am now very thankful for that extra day - it pushes the REAL work deadline back by one day at least. *sigh*

    Jess - let's hope so. I hope that extra week shows up in June.

    Alice - by boss is the epitome of understanding and forgiveness. I am able to rearrange this work week! Insane.... but so thankful.

  9. I do this too. So frustrating!!

    You aren't DRIVING that 1,000 mile distance, are you?

  10. Penny - yes, yes, YES we are driving. Bah. Roundtrip. In three days. With the dogs.


    We are going from one Just Rural Enough To Be A Pain In The Ass location to another Just Rural Enough To Be A Pain In The Ass location to make flying RIDICULOUSLY expensive and totally inconvenient.

    Again - BAH.

  11. I did kind of the reverse. I was pissy all last week cuz I wasn't going to be able to go hiking in the mountains. Then realized that the actual weekend was A MONTH later than I had it on my calendar. So I'm still an idiot, but I'm an idiot with a nice weekend to look forward to.


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