Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I took yesterday afternoon off to work on The Thesis.

While I have the support of my co-workers and office to finish The Thesis and could easily arrange my schedule to work a five-hour day, A. had to work an 11-hour day in a field he hates.. He really hates his job. He hates it so much. (He does like his co-workers, however. Thank goodness for tiny graces, yes?) He has been applying for work in his field for a year. He has been (what feels like) rejected for a year. It is really, really starting to get to him. I feel so helpless.

When I arrived at home, I hunkered down at the computer and focused. I was determined to get as much done as possible in my allotted time. At 6:00 p.m., I saved my work and headed to the kitchen. I made a family recipe I got from A,'s mom and had a warm, comforting dinner ready for A. when he got home an hour later. I had a fire going so the house was cozy amidst the 50-mph winds outside.

I basically tried to make our home a huge hug for him.

It felt like all I could do. It felt good to take care of him. It still feels good.


  1. You're a very good partner. It must be an awful thing to hate your job.

  2. I'm so glad you got to take time to work on the thesis. It's almost done, yes?

    That was so nice of you to do that for A.! I'm so sorry he hates his job. That is the worst. The Worst. I really hope he finds something he loves very soon.

    I try to do as much as I can for J. when he's working his crazy-busy 12-hour days, too. I know it makes him feel better, and I feel better too, you know?

    Sending good thoughts your way...

  3. Oh, you are so sweet. I am so sorry that nothing has come through for A. yet. I hope that it happens very, very soon.

  4. that is so very touching, i am sure the little things like that are greatly appreciated by A!

  5. you are the sweetest! it must have been wonderful to come home to that after a long day of suck. :-)


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