Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Five

1. We received news last night that A.'s friend's mom will most likely not make it through the day. Please pray/send good thoughts to A.'s friend, JB and his family. Also, please keep A. in your thoughts; it is very much like losing another parent to him.

Maybe think of me, too, that I might be a good support to those who need it right now.

2. I did manage to write another page for The Thesis last night before, well, things came up.

3. The air this morning smells so clean. It has been in the 40s the past few days and snow is starting to turn to slushy ickiness and the road to the house is pure mud. (My car can't get through it, and is parked at the highway. Yay, Winter!) It snowed last night, a heavy wet snow but it just made everything so clean. It is still quite warm outside, and it is just delightful. I believe I will go for a walk over my lunch hour and just revel in it.

4. I am craving ice water with slices of cucumber and lemon. If you've never tried this, I highly recommend it. Come to think of it, that is kind of what the air smells like today. Just so damned refreshing!

5. My nephew, M. I am sorry, but objectively, HE IS THE CUTEST KID IN THE WHOLE WORLD.


  1. Death stinks. No matter how you look at it. You will be strong when he is hurting. I will be thinking of all of you. And yeah for writing one more page! It MAY get to 40 degrees today.

  2. Oh your nephew is so freaking adorable!

    I'm so sorry about this loss. I will be keeping all of you in my heart today.

  3. Yes, he is a cute kid! I like the marker drawings on the arm especially.

    I once had "spa water", where essentially melon balls and cucumber was added to the water and it was delish. I am looking forward to spring also.

    Sorry also to hear about your friend's mom.

  4. Big fat SIGH ... I'm so sorry to hear about A's friend's mother. Kate said it most succinctly: Death sucks. Thoughts are with you.


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