Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Five

1. A.'s friend's mom passed away a few weeks ago when A. went up to stay with his friend. It was good that they were together, I think, for both of them. She was surrounded by family and wasn't in pain. It was the kind of passing you hope for someone you love.

His friend just found out his father has cancer. It is a small growth, but he is not in good health and won't be able to tolerate chemo. So, we are hoping that surgery and radiation will be enough.

Please continue to send good thoughts/vibes/karma.

2. The Thesis is closer to done. Please send good thoughts/vibes/karma my way, if you can spare them.

3. I am really screwing up an important work deadline by taking two days off a week to work on The Thesis. I am trying to convince myself that sometimes shit happens and this is necessary collateral damage. Truth be told, I would much rather the damage be done at work (and unfortunately, likely some work relationships) than at home. Of that I am certain.

4. There are a loads of little birds outside my work window. And hoo, boy! They have a lot on their minds right now. They are really chatting it up. It is delightful.

5. I made my own homemade saltine crackers the other night. They are ridiculously easy and SO! YUMMY!

I also made the Pioneer Woman's Great-Grandmother Iny's cake. The buttermilk only had a couple of days before it would expire, so I had to make it. This is no time to be wasteful!

If you like spice cake, you will love this cake. Don't be afraid of the ingredients. Just go make it right now. It will make just about everything ok.

Happy Friday to you!

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  1. I am sending general good thoughts and karma to you and your family and friends. I am also glad to hear that you are prioritizing yourself over your job at this time. That is the right order of things in this case.


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