Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Yesterday, A. and I awoketo Buster making a total ruckus in my closet. I threw his blanket in there the other day when I was vacuuming and he has since made my closet his little nighttime den. I find it kind of sweet.

A. got up to investigate, as it was early enough my legs refused to leave the warm bed. He started laughing - hard - and turned on my closet light. I fumbled for my glasses on my nightstand and looked over to see just what the hell was going on at 5:50 a.m.

Buster had managed to get two of my bras, hanging from the closet doorknob, wrapped around his neck like a noose and was stuck. He couldn't lay down and he couldn't leave the closet. He was sitting up, perfectly straight, ears up and wagging his tail, looking at A. with anticipation. He'd been rescued!

Dogs! My God, I love the dogs. And my honey-pie. He was laughing so hard and was so sweet to Buster. I just melt when he is tender to these two creatures we've vowed to care for. LOVE.


I took today off to work on The Thesis. It is a perfect day to be holed up in the back office.

The wind is howling and I can't see the neighbor's house for the blowing snow. This is new snow that arrived last night. Prior to this latest falling, nearly half of the winter's snow had melted! We were making progress! I estimated we only needed three more weeks for the rest of the snow to melt and the roads to dry out so we could re-grate and level them.

Now, I just feel like I am stuck on that goddamn planet in Star Wars, the shitty wintry one.


I am off to get another cup of hot coffee and then I need to dig back in. Progress is slow, but it is progress nonetheless! Happy Tuesday!


  1. I've never met Buster, but I do believe that I simply love him. Same holds true for A.

  2. Well if you get too cold, you can always slice open a ton ton and take a nap inside the carcass...um...never mind.

    Your doggy is cute.

  3. Aww i love that! dogs are the best! and yay to progress...slow and steady wins the race right?

  4. woah woah woah. SNOW? NOT OK. (yay for good thesis progress, though!)

  5. 用行動來支持你~~~不留言不行!........................................

  6. All of our snow had melted by the time we left for DC. And now there's a fresh new foot of it. Though Torsten says it's already started to melt. Is it a pipe dream that it will be gone by the time I get back tomorrow night? I am so glad that this is the week that I am in DC.


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