Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Five

1. It is snowing. Again. The reports all differ, with some sources predicting a couple of inches and others a couple of feet (absurd!). Whatever.

2. All of the administrative crap for The Thesis is completed and accepted! I managed to jump through at least three moving hoops! And one that was on fire! I am a goddess!

My degree check went through and all the relevant departments have been alerted to my intention of graduating. All that is left is the actual, official letter from IRB (rather than the unofficial email I received) and the actual completed and accepted THESIS. Both of which have me nervous. Please, please materialize!

3. The Thesis is moving along well-ish. Not nearly as quickly as I would like, nor as eloquently or insightful. Again: Whatever.

4. I have not practiced meditating for over a week now, and boy, can I tell. I can feel the nagging, incessant anxiety of The Thesis starting to follow me, seep into my thoughts, regardless of where my mind is or should be.

I made a concerted effort last night to put aside time to meditate. I slept so much better and didn't feel that ever-present buzz of anxiety when I woke up.

I whole-heartedly endorse this meditating nonsense!

5. Tonight I am going to embark on a search for muck boots. Where does one find muck boots? A ranch outfitters store?

I have come to terms knowing that they are going to be necessary. Yuck.


  1. My favorite parts: (1) hoop of fire, (2) endorsing meditation nonsense.

  2. Perhaps you could join the circus with all this hoop jumping you've been doing? ;-)

    Wow, you are getting SO close!!! You should be very, very proud of yourself. Congrats!

  3. It sounds like it's a little early for me to say SQUEEEE--but hey! I'll hop up and down in excited (vicarious) anticipation instead!

  4. way to go on the Thesis!!! i would love to know what you're writing about! i will be starting mine this summer in hopes of being done in that too lofty!


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