Sunday, October 26, 2008

To Each Their Own

So, while baking cookies (Peanut Butter Crunchies!) tonight, I got sucked into the 17 and Counting show. The family fascinates me.  I am amazed by the sheer organization of the family, but am also genuinely, equally attracted to, and horrified by, their strong, strict religious views.

The eldest boy, 20-year-old J-something, "proposed" to a young lady (after asking for her hand in marriage from her father, to make sure it was a legit transaction. Ahem.) Apparently they don't date until they are engaged. It is the "path of courtship." They only date the person they are convince they are supposed to marry. They feel pretty strongly that God has arranged all of this and they just needed to be open to his wishes. But this is what I found the most awkward - they aren't even allowed to kiss until their wedding day.

The prohibited kiss made the whole proposal and giddiness of the two lovebirds very, very awkward. I felt bad for them.  It just all felt so -- anticlimantic. (Also - they kept telling each other how much they loved each other, and they had chaperones with them at all times. Whoa.)

They can hold hands, however. And they pretty much strangled each other's fingers in lust/frustration.

But, congrats. If this is truly the path these kids have chosen with honest discernment and entirely of their own volition, without coercion or pressure, then I wish them only blessings and happiness in their life together. I am not being snarky. I mean it.

I, however, am off to give A. a good night kiss [wink, wink] clear the hell out of wedlock.

To each their own.


  1. Oh. Wow. This makes me wish I had a TV!

  2. OMG, I saw that one too! GAH! I actually knew a few people at Crazy Baptist U who subscribed to the courtship/no kissing until marriage thing. I especially liked how Mr. and Mrs. Duggar were all "we don't want them to have the problems WE had from dating other people"--they were 17 and 19 when they got married! GAH!

    I do love the Duggars though. I can't help myself. I think they are nice. I DO!

  3. What is with Tessie commenting everywhere all of a sudden? Tessie, are you back???

    Ahem. I have read some blog posts by people who saved their first kiss for the altar. To each their own, indeed.

  4. i... cannot... wrap... mind... around....

    i understand why people wait, but i personally can't imagine even not SLEEPING with someone before my wedding, because dude! that part of the relationship is important, too! so not even KISSING!? *mind implodes*

  5. Oh, the Duggars. So unfortunate about that J thing. They should have started alphabetically: Adam, Beth, Caleb, Dana, Ethan... now that would have been cool! They'd be on Quinn by now.

  6. I have never seen the show, but seriously the other night as I was flipping through it made my "maybe I'll come back and check that out." I didn't go back though bc I found an episode of Intervention.... Have you ever seen it? I am totally hooked lately.


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