Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Five

1. Last night A. and I had my friend, G. (the one I haven't seen in nine years!), over for dinner. It was so fun to spend the night catching up, telling stories and laughing heartily. I hadn't thought about that suburban that caught on fire in years.

2. We've decided to get one more cord of wood this weekend, while the weather is supposed to be nice. I will feel more confident that we have enough to get through the winter after this weekend, though we've already cut, chopped and stacked all the wood we have. The idea of having to do that yet again leaves me in a poopy mood.

3. I am itching to try knitting again. You knitters out there: Do you have any easy, fun patterns for beginners? I have a couple, but I think I'd stick to a pattern I know one you like with much more gusto.

4.a. As I pulled up the lane to the house last night after work, NPR played this story about Rachel Maddow. You guys! She is awesome. (I hope she starts getting more sleep, though.) I was so tickled that I couldn't pull myself away from the radio long enough to run into the house and turn on the stereo, so I sat in my car. I had a "driveway moment!"

4.b. Are any of you members of your local NPR station? A. and I are, and I have to say, I love it.

5. This afternoon I will run to the county courthouse to cast my absentee ballot. I will be traveling for work on Election Day. I am SO DISAPPOINTED that I won't be home to have friends over and watch the results come in with John Stewart and Stephen Colbert. [SNIFF]

Instead, I will be surrounded by colleagues and will have to 1) keep 99% of my opinions to myself and 2) BEHAVE.

So. Boring.

A., however, is looking forward to the peace that will prevail in my absence.

Happy Friday to you!


  1. You had a Suburban catch FIRE?! That sounds like a story we need to hear.

    Did you happen to see that Saturday Night Live last night? Where they did a skit with CNN's smartboard-mappy-thing? IT WAS SO FUNNY.

    Anyway, you made me think of it since you'll be missing Election Night Entertainment.

  2. To clarify, G. had the suburban catch fire, but damn it was a funny story to relive.

    I didn't see the Thursday SNL!! I am going to have to find it online. I've read some reviews and apparently it was absolutely STELLAR. Will Ferrell. Tina Fey. Can life get any better?

  3. The first thing I ever knit was a fairisle sweater. It was so easy because it was knit on a round needle, which meant I didn't have to knit one row, purl the next... it was all just knitting. At the top, you can get as simple or as complex as you feel like getting. It goes quickly because the needles are fat and the wool is thick.

  4. LOL - did you say...You've gotta behave and keep your opinions to yourself! Good luck with that !
    Smiling... I am sure you can do it.... at least for part of the time.

  5. i voted absentee on friday! it was exciting and sort of anti-climactic, seeing as it was so early. i will technically be back tuesday, in theory, but i'm not taking any chances with possibly delayed transatlantic flights. i WILL hopefully be able to watch the stewart/colbert commentary, though. and then possibly hang myself if things don't go well. HA HA.


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