Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Little Q and A Action, Baby

I am sooooo behind in my reader. Three hundred and eighty-nine entries behind. Bah.

I blame it on the cold I caught from my BIL, twice removed. (I am not married to A., and he is not married to A.'s sister. Living in sin, the whole lot of us.) Also - my work schedule and the high level of stress it has eliceted from me are also to blame.

I slept straight for two days, partly because I didn't feel like doing much and because I wanted to nip this fucker in the bud. The cold never totally, completely kicked my ass, and I credit my improved diet for my ability to stay out of the Miserable Pit of Hellish Colds. Hurray for fruits and veggies!!


Anywhoooo, I thought it would be fun to add a Q and A element to the sidebar of my blog. The idea is that you would send in questions you have about me, A., my dogs, where I live, the landscape, what I am thinking about the election, local foodscapes, what I ate for dinner--whatever, and I'd post an answer on the sidebar. Maybe even with pictures. (No really, I swear! I will connect the damn camera to my computer on a regular basis, I will!) For more involved questions, such at "What the hell is American Studies, anyway?" I'll probably write an entire post.

I think it's be a great feature, and I've ripped it off from this site.

Problem is, I am am pretty sure my existence is considerably less interesting than that of someone raising a young coyote. This may be a short lived feature. Very short lived. And I might feel like I am not the best company at a party afterward, but what the hell.

Or not! You guys are a creative and inquisitive bunch. So! Think up questions and either leave them in the comments or e-mail them to me at sagebrushandserendipty at yahoo dot com. I'll probably throw some of the questions right back at you. Interactive, baby.

Obviously, if a satisfactory answer to a question would jeopardize my anonymity, I'll chose to skip it or answer it kind of half-assed. Also, requests for hot, steamy pictures from the bedroom will also be ignored. A. is shy.


  1. I love that your reason for avoiding the steamy bedroom pictures is that A. is shy.

    I will have to think about my question. I mean, this is going in the sidebar! It's IMPORTANT.

  2. I love this! I must start thinking of good questions to ask you . . . perhaps we'll start with this one . . . What is the first CD you ever purchased?

  3. Seriously, what is American Studies?

    I want to know about food! What is your favorite food from your childhood?

  4. hee! living in sin is SO the way to go.

    Q: what superpower would you most want to have?

  5. AHEM. I am still waiting for a photo of your sassy new hair do.

  6. You are so pretty! And I covet your glasses.

    Let's see...a question...what is your favorite movie and favorite book and favorite TV show of all time?

  7. Okay, this is probably too revealing, but, I'm so curious about what you're writing about for your thesis. No need to give a title or anything...just, topic. Beyond American Studies. I mean, we're all American Studies, right?

    Also...and this is the kind of question that can hit you at the wrong time, so I hope this doesn't...Would you do it again? Get a degree in American Studies, that is?

  8. I have almost the exact same glasses. I think my are just a lighter color!

    Here's a question for you... a couple!
    Do you cook?
    If so... What's your favorite meal and how long does it take to make?
    If not... what's your favorite meal and what do you like about it?


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