Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Help: Indecisiveness Is Stealing My Soul, Threatening My Weekend

This is stupid, but I can't make up my mind and need your help. Indecisiveness wins again!

I am going to Omaha to see my delightfully pregnant sister, T., for the long weekend. But I can't decide how I want to get there. Both options, for now, cost about the same.

Option A: Take the train.

  • First - A. drives two and a half hours to Denver to drop me off to catch the train on Friday night.
  • A. drives back to L-town.
  • Get lulled to sleep by the sweet motions of public transportation.
  • Get woken up by the oddities and potential frights of public transportation.
  • Arrive in Omaha EARLY Saturday morning.
  • Repeat in reverse on Monday night/Tuesday morning, complete with A.'s second round trip to Denver.
  • Don't have my own car, thus requiring some additional planning to visit Black Sheeped while in there.
  • I love train travel, though in the States it is different.

Total travel time for the round trip: 24 hours.

Option B: Drive my own damn self

  • Leave at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, drive 8 hours to Omaha on mind-numbingly boring I-80.
  • Hopefully the six to eight inches of snow falling along the entire route today and tomorrow will have melted (not likely - high temps will only be reaching 10 the next week), or at the very least haven't left an icy, nasty mess.
  • Drive back on Tuesday, also hoping that Monday's predicted storm doesn't leave me with too much ice and snow.
  • Have a car to go see Black Sheeped.
  • Enjoy a road trip by myself, complete with singing at the top of my lungs to whatever music I want to listen to. I haven't done this in years and I always loved it.

Total travel time for the round trip: 16 hours plus any bad road delays

Ok, folks! Help me make up my mind. I am leaning toward driving, except for the stupid weather...

This is ridiculous.


  1. Ooo, I would totally go TRAIN, but that's because I hate anything to do with CARS.

  2. I would totally go CAR, assuming the roads are plowed. They're interstates--shouldn't they be? I love road trips, and the freedom to move around in your own car once you get to your destination.

  3. I say train. The weather possibilities sound bad for long boring drives. Plus you can read, or knit, or whatever while on the train. That sounds fun. Plus you get a nice long-but-not=too=long ride in the car with A which will allow you two to talk and listen to music together.

    It might be more complicated once you are there, but I am sure you can figure out how to get around and visit Blacksheeped.

    Definitely TRAIN.

  4. I would go CAR, myself. I love roadtrips and one by yourself would be cool because you could stop whenever you want, wherever you want and you could listen to whatever music or books that you wanted to.

    And as a bonus, there aren't any scary other people in the car with you like there might be on the train.

    Finally, the last time I tried to take a train anywhere, it was ungodly expensive. But, gas might be just as expensive in your neck of the woods, so that might be a moot point.

  5. That's a tough call. If you're driving, you're definitely in control of your destiny. Get some books on tape/CD and listen to those while you drive. Plus they know how to plow in that part of the world. It's not like you would be dealing with snow while driving south on 95.

  6. Train! It's going to be so super duper cold this weekend and what if something happens and your car breaks down or you get stuck or something. Train is relaxing, car driving can be high anxiety. Train, all the way. You've got your iPod now, and you can read books and relax and avoid the crazies and have more time with sis. That's my two cents.

  7. If A. doesn't mind being the shuttle service, I would go for the train. It seems a little safer.


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