Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Five: Not as Occasional

1. The trip to Omaha to see my sisters was AWESOME. T. is cute and round and the little alien nephew residing in her uterus is kicking and happy and YAY! T. is doing a great job getting ready for the baby. She is going to be such a good mom, you guys. I am really proud of her. And BIL, R., is so damn level-headed and funny he's going to be a hoot as a father. Little sister, A., is still tall and gorgeous and funny and smart. I wish that I was able to see both of them more often. It is hard being far away; I feel like I miss so much of their lives.

2. Part of why I miss these guys so much and feel like I don't always know what is going on with them is because I never talk to them on the phone. I HATE TALKING ON THE PHONE. It annoys me to be on the phone. I'd rather be doing something. Maybe if I can rig my cell phone up so that I can have both of my hands free and can move around and do stuff I'll be more likely to chat away. (My particular model of cell phone can't be open and on when in a belt clip, and I push buttons if I have it flipped open and in my pocket. Also, those in-your-ear things HURT. Suggestions, anyone?)

I need to do something to get past my grumpiness with the phone; I miss my sisters and my friends in DC, NYC and Iowa (yes, you!) so much.

3. We have a full house right now. MG is staying with us for a few days, as is A.'s little sister B., her partner K., and one-year-old M. Oh, and B.'s dog and cat are with us, too.

S0, there are five adults, one ADORABLE toddler, three large dogs, and one SCARY cat in the house right now.

We have a small house. It is full right now. It is cozy. I am much happier about all of this chaos than I thought I'd be.

4. My sister gave A. and I her old Tivo. It is too bad that when I have finally caught up with all this fancy-schmancy television technology that there are no shows on the tube.

5. Is anyone else starting to really feel the writer's strike? I am, but I do support them. I am still trying to figure out how I feel about Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert going back to work without their writers. Is it crossing the picket line if you are broadcasting the cause on national television every night?

Stephen Colbert is so fucking funny you can't even tell he doesn't have his writers. If I were his writers, I'd be a tad concerned about my relevance.

Happy Friday to you!


  1. yaaaay friday! tivo suggestions: every project runway EVER; american's next top model marathons; mythbusters; ninja warrior. you're welcome ;-)

  2. Alice - THANK YOU!

    I don't see The Thesis moving forward too quickly....

  3. The writers strike is making me want to DIIIIEEEE. I do support them, but ARGG!

    Stephen Colbert's humor is so right up my alley, it's not even funny. It's all sarcasm and straight-faced making fun of people, and oh my. I love him. I do.

  4. This writer's strike is hurting me, except luckily they've started airing a few of the shows they had in reserve, like Cashmere Mafia, which I love/hate, and House, which has a new episode scheduled for next week. Is it bad that I am most concerned about the Oscars? Because if I can't see the pretty dresses then OH GOD WHAT THEN?

    Ahem. Why not try American Idol? It's a tragic but brillant show, especially once the auditions are over, and it's on several times a week. Or is that too much of a commitment for you? Also, it's the perfect TiVo show because it has tons of commercials, so it's good to record it and then fast forward through the ads later.

  5. I hear you on the phone thing.

    Not only do I dislike not talking on the phone normally (the smushed-ear feeling! the sweaty neck! the not-bothering-to-go-into-certain problems-because-they're-just-too-complicated!) but our current house phone is too QUIET. So I am always interrupting by loved ones to ask, "What?"

  6. Isn't it great to see your sibling turning into parents? My brother has two (who he is just amazing with) and I can't wait for my sister to join the party.

    On the writer's strike - I have seen more movies in one month than I did all of last year. We're running out of options!

  7. Talking on the phone is tough for me too. I have no idea why, it just is. I feel restless and nervous on the phone. So weird.

    As for Stephen Colbert, well he is about as close to my dream man as you can get. Did you see the show Wednesday night when Andrew Young was on? Fantastic. We are unable to do away with cable simply because those two shows are too important to us.

  8. I finally, after 4 TV-less years, got a TV and cable---in the middle of the writer's strike. But I'll second the recommendations for Project Runway and America's Next Top Model and add recommendations for Make Me a Supermodel (Bravo) and The Wire (HBO).

    Re: Stewart, Colbert, et al. Most of the late-night shows have come to a separate agreement with the writers' union that allows them to go back on the air (basically, they agreed to honor the union's demands regardless of the outcome with the AMTPA). A few other production companies---included United Artists, I believe---have made similar agreements.

  9. I totally agree with you on Colbert, he seems to be more hilarious just doing it all improv. I guess that he did a bunch of improv early in his career though, so i guess it makes sense.


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