Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Five

1. This giving up added sugar thing is HARD. Sugar is everywhere! I really could not tolerate black coffee so I have been using xylitol to sweeten it. The word sounds so scientific and man-made, and yet it is totally natural. And it doesn't leave a weird aftertaste like stevia. And since it does not require insulin to be digested, I am hoping it won't wreak havoc on my body the way other sugars do. It is still a cheat, though, as I am not retraining my palate to enjoy less sweet foods.

However. Tis the season for Cadbury Mini Eggs!!

Clearly, I did not think this shit through.

2. I slacked off on Masters Shit big time this week and am in full-on PANIC MODE about getting all the necessary reading and writing and testing and paperwork done. I have no one to blame but myself and I have been doing that faithfully. I should quit beating myself up and instead focus that energy on working, yes? I just might learn something yet.

3. For the first time in three months, we can park the truck at the house, instead of halfway down the lane to the road. Almost all of the snow drifts have melted, and it is so awesome.

This may seem lame-o to you, but after being drifted in ALL WINTER, this is some exciting shit around here!

I am trying not to get too damn excited, though, because I know a Spring Storm will eventually blindside us. But, I am going to run some of my errands on foot today and enjoy the weather.

4. A band of sparrows have already been eyeballing our bird house that we keep for Mountain Bluebirds. Bastards. I don't know how we'd try to keep the sparrows away without scaring off the Mountain Bluebirds, too.

I haven't seen the first Mountain Bluebird of the spring yet, but I hope to soon. We usually see them in March.

5. When I fly out to DC in April for a friend's baby shower, I kind of hope I get picked for one of those ridiculously intrusive full-body scans.

I want to see if my IUD and ankle hardware show up in the scanner! That would be so cool and so weird.

After my curiosity is satisfied I will be self-righteously pissed about the intrusive scanners.

Happy Friday to you!


  1. "clearly I did not think this shit through." ha! That seriously gave me a laugh. Keep up the good fight against the sparrows. They can nest anywhere, selfish little bastards. We've got our annual battle against a pair of eurasian tree sparrows trying their damnedest to next in out mailbox. But I am big and they are small (and invasive) ! I will win!

  2. I don't even have a big sweet tooth, and I agree that giving up added sugar is hard. It IS everywhere. You don't really notice until you're trying to avoid it. Same with dairy, which was EXCRUCIATING for me to give up for the month I tried it.

    No tortilla chips so far this Lenten season! Only like 6 weeks to go! HAHAHAHA UGGG

  3. Why mess with the mini Cadbury Eggs when you can have the GIANT ones? I looooove them so much, but J. and I are making ourselves wait until a month before Easter before enjoying (read: stuffing ourselves with) them.

    Good luck with the sparrows! I hope your mountain bluebirds come back. Yesterday I saw our first robin and was overjoyed. First proof that winter can't last forever (although it sure as hell is trying).

    We can see green grass here in places, although the weather guy is already harshing my mellow by predicting 2-3 inches of snow for tomorrow. Dick.

  4. Heh. I love that you're rooting for the body scanner. Somebody has to, right?

    I am sending anti sparrow thoughts your way.

  5. the first time i went through security when the backscatters were there, i REQUESTED that line. it got me some weird looks, but they were happy to oblige me. go for it! :)


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