Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

[Er. This post was really on Monday morning, not Sunday. Whatever.]

It was a great weekend, and now I sit here typing, and A. is back running around this Big Square State.

My weekend started mid-afternoon on Friday. (Warning: the rest of this paragraph might be more than you want to know. I can't decide if I am oversharing or not. But I am EXCITED ABOUT THIS.) If wary, skip ahead to the next paragraph. A. was home, and he accompanied me to my gynecologist's office. I had a copper IUD placed on Friday! I was so nervous. I was afraid it was going to be really painful and that I would pass out afterward or something. A. was fantastic; he even went with me into the examination room. After staying with me for the pre-procedure questions, I decided I could handle it alone. He returned to the waiting room only after asking me a couple of times if I was sure I didn't want him with me. He's such a good man. So, the procedure. Um, yeah. I am not going to lie. There were a good 30 seconds of P.A.I.N. But that was it. (And it was just 30 seconds.) I had an angry, panicky uterus and some cramps for a couple of hours afterward, but three Advil took care of that. Ordinarily, I would have started a new pack of pills on Sunday. That means that TODAY IS THE SECOND DAY I HAVE BEEN OFF OF EXTRA HORMONES AND IT IS SOOOOO AWESOME. So far. I've been warned by a girlfriend that I may experience a mini-menopause. That would not be so awesome.

Since I was feeling so much better than I anticipated on Saturday, A. and I decided to take a road trip to Denver to visit Jel Bel and A.'s friend, J. It was soooo good to see both of them. Jel Bel looks so happy and relaxed now that she's decided to move back to DC. (Hope I didn't spoil that news for anyone!) I really think she is at peace with this decision. She's still running and looks fantastic. In fact, she ran another 8K on Sunday. Crazy girl.

J. looked great; he and C. were just married a few weeks ago in Jamaica and are still aglow. All in all, it was a day full of good friends, good meals, and good conversation. It was quite a refreshing trip for both A. and I. It was so nice to just RELAX. And see people we miss very much. That, too, was awesome.

On Sunday a friend of A.'s came to the house to help make plans for the big horn sheep hunt later in the fall. A. is planning a couple of scouting trips, and would like to involve his hunting party as much as possible. I am glad he is giving everyone plenty of notice; there is a potential 13-mile hike involved. Of which, 10 miles is in wilderness area. Holy shit. Anyone have an ATV or two he can borrow or rent for the first three, very steep miles? Seriously.

I spent Sunday catching up on household chores and hanging out with the boys while I could. Both A. and MG took off for their respective fields again. The dogs are kind of mopey, as they always are for a few days. Tonight I am playing cards with the ladies. That should pull me out of my own mopey-ness for a bit.

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