Monday, April 4, 2011

Jerked Around

I finally realized just how much I have to accomplish before the first week of May. Actually, the last week of April. Also, I am traveling or in day-long meetings for 13 of the 30 days in April. Needless to say, I am obsessing about finding every possible usable moment in my day. It makes for an anxious time.


The writing is going very well and is nearly finished. I have yet to set up my exam, but that shouldn't be a problem. My main hurdle with the exam is I still have about 12 articles to read. Again, doable but oh my goodness.

Oh, and there is that tiny matter of my Independent Study. I've kept up with the reading quite well, but am not sure if I incorporated enough of it into my paper to constitute not having to write a separate paper. Please let our significant (and brilliant!) chat-age about the reading be enough to satisfy Dr. J's requirements. PLEASE.


Saturday was windy as all hell but we reached 70 degrees ABOVE zero! There was jubilation! Dancing! Delighted prancing in the front yard that is finally clear of snow!

Sunday I woke up to about four inches of heavy, wet snow. It continued to snow throughout the day.

It was 8 degrees (ABOVE ZERO!) when I left the house this morning.

Enough said.


I am so very ready for summer, for baseball, for fly fishing, and nothing else.


  1. Check and check on the weather moments. Although I sometimes wake in the night in a panic over the dryness of this winter (this despite the fact that I am fully aware that I live in the desert--lack of precipitation still seems end-of-world-ish).

    Good luck on the upcoming month--it sounds possibly hellish, but on the upside, has a definite end date.

  2. You are so close to the light at the end of the tunnel! I know you can do it and perhaps the cold wet snow is good because you cannot sit and try to read when its gorgeous out and all you would rather be doing is fishing or just being outside...

    Good Luck!!!

    ps. our commencement is May 22nd! all signed up!! Weeeeee!!!!

  3. haa oh i know what you mean about april anxiety! i am hosting a baby shower in FOUR DAYS for which i still have not found a SINGLE BAKERY who will provide cupcakes and i still don't know how many people will be there because people are enormous thoughtless assholes about rsvping and also i need to pack for this shower because it's in another city and i also am trying to plan this WHILE trying to tie everything up at my last week of work and then also haha i'm leaving on monday for 2 weeks in south america for which i have made literally not ONE PLAN or done one stitch of research and then 2 days after returning i start a new job I MIGHT DIE is what i'm saying.

    also: it was 75 here yesterday, and today is back to cold awful rain. AT LEAST NOT SNOW, you definitely win on the suck factor there. i will join you


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