Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So, Lent.

I haven't been to church in I don't know how long. The Church (Catholic) proceeds to make me more and more angry, more indignant of the blatant hypocrisy in living as decent human beings, much less as Christ's example. I will always miss the culture of Catholicism, though. I've written about this before.

I still appreciate the season of Lent. Of changing something in the routine of my life so as to bring values and actions into sharp relief. Do the values and actions line up? What about those values - re they mine, or am I wearing someone else's' morality? What do I need to do so my actions back up my values?

All the while, forgiving myself for my many shortcomings. Taking the time to forgive others' theirs. I think this is the best product and practice of Lent.


I am giving up sweets for Lent, and trying to reduce the amount of added sugar my diet generally. Also, I will practice an evening meditation every night. I am better able to keep things in perspective when I faithfully do this evening mediation.

So far I managed to drink my coffee black and bought plain, salted cashews for an afternoon snack. Success!


Are you giving anything up for Lent?


  1. I'm giving up tortilla chips. I mean, I was supposed to give them up for my New Years Resolution, we are. Maybe the Lenten season will be more manageable?

    I always think of Catholicism as a culture or ethnicity, like being Jewish. I sort of hate the Church, but I do miss (some of) the traditions.

    Good luck with the sweets!

  2. EEWWWW black coffee :) i'd have to give up COFFEE if i had to also give up sweetening it!

  3. I really relate to your statement about missing the culture of Catholicism. I was raised strictly Catholic as well, and now would describe myself as "secular humanist" if I had to choose a label. But I miss the organized aspect of community and tradition.

    I am trying really hard to give up raising my voice in frustration. I raise my voice frequently out of necessity of being heard, which is different. I hate losing my temper at my children. It's my most despised quality of my self.


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