Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Plans Forgotten, Broken, Modified and Made

We had company all weekend, and I managed to completely forget about this until Thursday evening. Needless to say, I didn't get as much Thesising done as I'd planned and hoped. But I continue to move forward, and will write a bit more tonight (Tuesday) before curling up in bed next to A., reading a novel that has absolutely nothing to do with The Thesis.


Also over the weekend, A. and I went to our first Rockies game of the year, and I got to meet Melospiza! She is a delightful, funny, smart little pixie! I felt comfortable with her immediately. I met her son, daughter and cutie pie hubby. All of them wonderful and kind.


Over the weekend the trees have finally grown leaves! We have green trees! They are not full yet, but it sure beats the scraggly, dead-looking leafless limbs. It has done wonders for my mood to see so much more green. Oh, my goodness. You have no idea.


A couple of weeks ago I happened upon a kick-ass old Steelcase Tanker Desk. Other than a huge wood desk, this is the desk I have always wanted. And it was free! FTW!) And a total bitch to move! But, oh I love it. I loooooooooooooooove it and its weird champagne colored paint. Love! I am so much more comfortable at this desk than our old one. I want to keep it forever. It is in great shape. I am going to convert our old one into a sewing and crafting desk. Oh, I cannot freakin' wait to get The Thesis finished so I can start other projects!

Hoo boy, I wish this were my home office... My desk looks like this but is champagne, not grey.


Some potential projects I lay awake daydreaming about:

  • Making new summer and winter curtains for every room in the house
  • re-upholstering the seat and back cushions of the couch with a nice, abstract pattern that involves red.
  • Sewing new throw pillows suitable for the new look of the couch
  • Sewing a pet sofa throw like this one, only in a fabric and pattern I like, to protect the new cushions from Infinite Dog Hair. Genius.
  • Make loads of homemade Christmas/holiday ornaments to prepare for the upcoming gift-giving season
  • Start painting with my watercolors again. (Oh, so much baggage here.)
  • Fun throw pillows for our bed
  • Duvet cover for our bed
  • shower curtain for our bathroom
  • Crochet a cute rimmed winter had that also has those ear flaps that tie under your chin. Cute, and warm! (Apparently, I think I am going to do this freehand. Hilarious!)


Have I mentioned I don't really know how to sew and I do not own a sewing machine? I could sew a mean pillow in 7th grade home economics, but have not sewn since. Unless you count a missing button or two.

Any advice on learning to sew and machines would be greatly appreciated. As you can see, I have oodles of plans for when I get to reclaim my life!

Happy day to you!


  1. "Upcoming gift giving season"? It's barely June! Good lord do you ever plan ahead.

  2. I can't wait for you to pick up your watercolors again!

  3. NO sewing advice, except to say that most of those projects only involve sewing straight lines, so probably won't be too difficult. Good score on the desk!

  4. Hey, I'm available for SOME sewing advice. On the curtains? Sheets. On clearance. They already have a pretty little casing at the top - ready made for you! Just chop them off and sew a hem and you're done!


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