Thursday, June 3, 2010

Capitalist Consumerist Streak

I have been wanting things lately. This is truly strange behaviour for me. I am having a Capitalist Consumerist Streak.

Some examples:
  • Cute clothes. I know! Me! Wanting cute clothes. Thing is, I have bought myself some cute clothes lately, and damn, that is so much more fun than wearing un-cute clothes. Whoda thunk?
  • Retro Vintage Steelcase Credenza to go with my kick ass desk
  • A sewing machine, obviously
  • Shell "cream color base" (whatever the hell that is, to highlight cheekbones) from MAC
  • Eyeshadow from MAC
  • Shoes. Unfortunately, I HATE shopping for shoes. I have normalish toes, but FUCKING NARROW heels. I walk right out of flats and heels. Even if they have straps, my feet try to slip out and then I end up with either enormous blisters or filleted feet. (I wish I was exaggerating, but truly, I am not.) The only shoes I can wear are Dansko clogs. Ok some of the time, un-cute the rest of the time, don't destroy me feet all of the time.  Any advise? Suggestions?
  • Boots. Again, a pain to shop for. I don't get as many blisters, so these are my only heel options. But. I have HUGE calves, always have. So I have to fine wide-calf boots. Not easy. Again, suggestions?
  • Petticoat short thingies. Screw slips.
  • Sam Elliott to read a bit of Lonesome Dove to me at night as I fall asleep. I am totally serious.
  • Colorado Rockies fitted baseball cap.
  • Joe Mauer t-shirt
  • A budget that would allow even one of these purchases. (sigh)

What the hell, right? Maybe my mind is just in hyperdrive with all the possibilities before me once I finish The Thesis.

So, yeah. Any of you having a Capitalist Consumerist Streak? What are you pining after?


  1. They come and go. Right now the desire is waning and I am trying to run with that.

  2. HOLD UP. What are petticoat shorts? I am AFRAID to Google.

  3. *snort*

    Hee! Pettipants (RIDICULOUS NAME, CANNOT SAY OUT LOUD) are like a slip but shorts.

    See, I have large legs. Even when I was skinny, I had large, muscular thighs. Still do, actually. All my weight is in my stomach. UNCOMFORTABLE.

    I also have really coarse hair that grows 2 seconds after shaving. So. CHAFFING, HOLY HELL.

    I am such a daisy!

    I never wear skirts or dresses as a result. Someone told me about pettipants and MIRACLE! They are like spanx but not evil! Don't get me wrong. Spanx has its place. But for normal, summer wear? Fuck that shit.

  4. i really want a mac book pro...i am trying to justify it with "this is what the thesis is going to be written on...i NEED one to do my thesis..."

  5. What size do you wear? I will send you a Joe Mauer t-shirt. You're wanting the navy one with his name and number on the back, right?

  6. MAC Lip Glass, Lip Liner, and the eye shadow that comes in the tube are my favorites! They just work so well.

    As for what I'm wanting, an iPad, a MacBook, and bunches of stuff for my condo like kitchen cabinets, tile, hardwood floors, and whatnot. Is that not so boring?

  7. Okay, the pettipant discussion is making me spit my coffee.

    I get these consumerist urges, too, typically when my ability to satisfy them is small to zero. I remember last year getting an absolutely unbearable urge for new pants--ones that FIT and were something resembling the fashions of the day, as opposed to the fashions of ten years ago. I'd like to say I put out a call to the universe and pants came pouring in, but what I did in fact was to run to Old Navy and buy some damn on-sale pants. It felt fantastic, by the way, all the more so that we couldn't afford it.

  8. Hi;
    Found you through Melospiza. Hate to break it to you but I called dibs on Elliot reading to me awhile back. :) [kidding] I'm up for new shoes, though.

  9. Pettipants are also sometimes called tap pants.

    You might also want to try Body Glide for the chafing.

    I'm with you on the shoes and boots. My feet are an entire size different from each other, and my left foot has a high bridge, which means I often have to get wide sizes. Shoe shopping is hell. And boots---even when I was at my ideal weight, my calves were still huge! I can't even get the wide sizes over my ham hanks.

    As I'm losing weight, I'm getting to rediscover some abandoned parts of my wardrobe, so that's curbing my desire for cute summer clothes. But I am having some techno-lust: an e-reader (I'm thinking about the Nook), flip video camcorder, a digital SLR.

  10. Yep! I've bought almost nothing new for a year. And been good with that. Then suddenly, after having no debt other than the house, we had to take on $11k debt in recent months. And inexplicably, what do I want to do? Shop. WTF. New light fixture for the hallway ... chest freezer ... makeup ... hair highlighted ... everything from Anthropologie ... all things I suddenly want want want.

  11. Had been quite zen and low-world-impact for bout a year - now within the last month have suddenly gone ape-shit crazy on books, dvds and a one terabyte external hard drive. REALLY want some shoes from Banana too but the mother-scratchers don't have them in my size. (hmph)

  12. um, considering i just placed an ENTIRELY frivolous clothing order last night (from VICTORIA'S SECRET, of all places!!) i'd say my Consumer Alert Level is at "panic."

  13. Dude, I want so many THINGS that it's sick, but really when I want things it's because I'm feeling unsatisfied in some other meaningful way, so I'm trying to talk myself out of it. Anyway, I used to have your email, but I don't anymore, and I'd love to email you! If you're game, shoot me an email at and I'd love to reconnect a bit.


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